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This rig is called the "Oklahoma Killer Rig" or "Killer Rig" and catches a lot of Stripers, Hybrids and Sand Bass! It's been really successful in Oklahoma, but I've used it in the northeast and got some good bites since seeing this video. This video really gives you the most thorough description of how to put this rig together, since its from the guys who started using it. But the basic set up is a top water lure trailing with a crappie jig. These in the most popular colors for you water, and the weights to match your line and rod. It sounds really simple, but it works well is because the topwater lure is gonna bring the fish in because makes a lot of noise, but the fish might not like the top water lure. EIf they don't, they might head for the crappie jig. Sometimes, you'll get a hit on both. If you're not careful with your line weight and the length of your leader, you might get tangled, so be careful to use at least 10 lb. line, 12lb if you wanna be safe, or fish open water. You're gonna notice that a lot of these rigs are going to start to seem a bit repetitive, but they're all useful variations that you can try if you're looking for a more unique rig. Check out the rest of the collection to explore them!
I like that this rig seems pretty unique....its just a variation of another rig but the video's explanation really helps me see how to tailor this to my own lakes. thanks for sharing
@sar421 let me know how it goes for you. It's been one of my favorites recently
seems cool, will have to try it.