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Steps To Remember When Choosing A Dog Sweater

Now that you have decided to get a sweater for your dog, the next thing to do is to make sure that you get the right clothing that your dog needs. You and your dog will be spoilt for choices when you go to the store.

Follow this guide when going sweater shopping:
● Get the right size. Even if you know that your dog needs a large or small size, you still need to make sure that the sweater fits just right. The dog should still be able to breathe while wearing the sweater. Remember that you should be able to remove the sweater easily.
● Go easy on sweaters with sleeves. Some dogs might find it difficult to move since their legs will be covered.

Get the right length. The sweater to choose should cover the neck and torso properly. If the sweater is too long, the dog might make a mess when he needs to use the toilet.

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