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This guy have stolen my heart completely💔! In his recent role as Yoon Dong Ha in the TVN drama A Witch's Romance, he plays a hardworking, warm and caring person that proves all the cliche drama plot-lines wrong by showing nice guys don't always finish last! After being used to the Arrogant and cold male leads that have some kind of twisted understanding that they can get girls by antagonizing them it's really refreshing to see the nice guy win and get the girl!. And we have TVN to thank for characters like dong ha and Goguma(INR3)! But on the not-so-bright side, this characters are basically ruining our expectations in life!. Although I can't say men like this characters don't exist I believe they're so rare to find! But till that day comes, I'm going to squeal and drool over this characters!:);)
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i agree he's so cool handsome and nice <3