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Despite his filming schedule being insane already, due to fan request for Gong Yoo to sing a song in Big, he agreed and felt it was really meaningful for the song selected and he wants to use this as an opportunity thank the fans of this drama by putting his all into this song. This song is about when Kyung Joon learns that once he switches back, he’ll likely lose his memory about everything that happened after the soul switch, including his love for Da Ran, he sings about his pain and heartache at the impending separation from her. Gong Yoo has said that he will use his singing voice to convey the sorrow Kyung Joon feels at that time.
Recent wait to listen it^^
vongpeakreaksme ,, this song not released yet
i think this song is the same song when kyung joon withdraw his bed under the rain to the home
Just by reading this article awhile ago, I can already feel the agony on Kyung Joon. :'(
how can listen that song?
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