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The idea of Austen spinoffs that follow characters that we might want to know more about during the same period of the original Austen work came up, so I decided to share this trilogy! This trilogy attempts to tell us more about Mr. Darcy. Through his perspective, we get three books that span the same time period as Pride and Prejudice, but shares completely different information: Mr. Darcy's direct experiences even when he is not with the Bennetts. The series overall is wonderful, though each individual book differs in how good it is. The first novel is overly detailed, but intriguing. The second novel takes us to London and chronicles the ways in which Darcy attempts to keep Bingley from Jane, and the third novel returns back to a more traditional Pride and Prejudice timeline. If I had to rank the series, it would go Ok, to Bad, to Fantastic! Overall, the series is definitely worth reading. The biggest issue I had was with the amount of detail that Aidan felt the need to add, especially in the first and second novel, that really kept me from just enjoying Darcy's journey. I really appreciated her take on Austen's style: she didn't try to be Austen as some writers do, but she maintained the era and wit that we would expect to find with Mr. Darcy. This is definitely a trilogy worth reading for P&P fans!
@greggr Just get her the whole set hahaha she'll really appreciate it!
I need to send this entire collection to my wife, I think. Or just buy her the books.