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Pet owners in cities are often faced with the issue of not having the room to get their pets proper toys. Not anymore!! Look at this crazy design from Seungji Mun of a "Cat Tunnel Sofa." The tunnel is integrated into the sofa's design so you can fit the toy, and the sofa, in your limited space. Cool, right? What kind of furniture could we make to help other pets have more fun at home?
@dillonk The more I think about it, the more I think a giant human sized couch like this would be really fun XD
Awesome! @onesmile I think it would be a really big couch if they made it any bigger!
@nokcha @nisfit I feel like there isnt any person or animal who wouldn't love this! But could it be made bigger?
@Nisfit hahahah I like the way you think!
I want the tunnels to be human sized! Think of the super fort you could build!
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