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Kangto says he came to get mokdan first because he wanted to prevent shunji from killing mokdan. And he admits his love for Mokdan!!!! Shunji says what?? And kangto says, he LOVES mokdan!! Shunji calls in his apprentice to arrest Kangto. Kangto says he'll walk with Mokdan himself to the station. So Shunji instead arrests Kangto and Mokdan. Both are taken away. Kangto is gets beaten by Shunji's apprentice in the interrogation room.Hongju hears the news about Kangto getting caught and she laughs saying Shunji wanted Gaksital but why is Kangto caught instead? She says, its probably because of Mokdan. Hongju starts to get jealous of the way Kangto is willing to risk his life for Mokdan. She wants a man like that... Mokdan is put in a holding cell and she thinks about what Kangto said back there. Mokdan keeps thinking, is it possible that Kangto is actually Gaksital? Shunji comes into the interrogation room and asks what the hell his apprentice has done to Kangto. They sit him down on the chair to talk 1 on 1. Shunji gives him a cloth to wipe the blood off his face. Shunji asks when did you start? When did you start loving her? He said when he first shot at her. Everytime he kept trying to find Gaksital, he found himself liking her more and more. Yes he shot at her but he wondered if he killed her, how would he capture Gaksital. He loves her enough to know that he must keep her alive in order for them to capture Gaksital. Kangto says, look at me, I like a girl that my best friend liked first. I'm losing my mind, seeing how much you wanted to capture Gaksital. Shunji, at a loss for words, storms out to think... Shunji says to himself, "Shunji, are you crazy? Have you gone insane enough to think that your best friend is Gaksital?" Mokdan's rebel forces have broken into the safehouse where the circus people were kept hostage. They silently take out the guards. The lady comes to talk to the elder circusman. Angry because he gave mokdan away. He says, he has nothing to say, he offers her the money that was given to him by the imperials. The elder says he is ready to face the consequences. She pulls out the knife to kill him. She almost does, but can't do it. She leaves. The elder slips the money into one of the spy soldier's pocket. Shunji goes back in the room and asks about the coffee place where kangto was making a call. Kangto says he was calling about mokdan's dad at the conference. Shunji says, how do you know about that? and how did you know his name? Kangto says, how did you find out? By any chance, did you hear from my source? That's probably why you thought I was Gaksital. ISNT IT?! KAngto says, it was ME that figured who the spy (mokdan's dad) was. Kangto says, you want some positive evidence? He says remember the club fight? He got information from one of the spies that tried to kill him. So he says, Shunji have you lost your mind in confusion?? Shunji orders police into the club to grab one of the leaders of the club. They grab the girl who is an informant for Mokdan's dad and a few other club regulars. they bring them to the office. The officers show warrant pictures and asks if they know them and if they know whether they are trying to kill Kangto. One of the club girls says, say it, you know they were after Kangto. One of the waiters sticks around while the rest are let go. MEanwhile, down at the torture chamber Mokdan's dad is still slumped over. The waiter is brought in front of him and shunji asks is this the man that is after Kangto? The waiter says, yes. Shunji says how do you know? He answers with, he thought he would get paid if he kept the secret. The waiter is then let go.. Shunji tells his apprentice to let Kangto go. Release him. The apprentice lets him go, but hates every being of Kangto. Kangto sees Mokdan being taken away to Shunji's office. Shunji holds her and says, does it hurt anywhere? Are you okay? She says let me go and talk. Shunji asks where are you planning on meeting your rebels. Dont you want your father to live? I dont want your father to live. IF you had to choose between your father and Gaksital, who would you let live? He says to tell him where Gaksital is. He says if she doesnt tell him, her father will probably die. She says, let me see my father first. He says okay, but tonight please think about it well.. Shes put back in the holding cell. Kangto asks Shunji again, if she cant protect her till the end. he says you failed. So kangto says he will protect her till the end. Mokdan goes to the torture chamber to see her father. She is shocked. Kangto lets the father off the chains and he is laid on the ground. Mokdan cries and is sad to see her father in such a horrible condition, having been whipped and tortured for so long. KAngto and shunji are called into the office of a commanding officer. The commander asks what happened to kangtos face. he says its nothing. Shunji explains to the commander the conditions of capturing Mokdan and her father. He explains she is captive. Commander says what are you doing just wainting around. Get something out of them. Back at the chamber, Mokdan lays down next to her father and talks to him about when she was young and thinks were happy. He says, of course he remembers. Mokdan says, your face was so clean, and he says, it's because your mother wanted it that way. They hold each others hand. He apologizes to have put her in such a position as a dad. Mokdan is happy that she has a father such as him. She's very happy. The commmander, shunji and kangto come in.. The commander says, how can you make a prisoner look like this? Commander says, if you just tell us who gaksital is, you can be let free. The father says, i've always said this but, my work is never ending. Commander says, do you really want your daughter to die? Both kangto and shunji try to make mokdan and her father to spit the truth as to how and where they met gaksital. Commander says, kangto, torture mokdan. Kangto says, say the truth mokdan! She says, father dont cry. We made a promise. She begs Kangto to cover her dads eyes. Kangto and shunji hesitate. He father cries. she gets ready to be put in the torture spike box. The commander grabs her before she goes in. He gets angry at Mokdan and says you are a fool. Mokdan says her purpose is greater than what he can comprehend. Commander gets fed up and leaves and tells Kangto to keep them kept there. Kangto and shunji are in their office and he asks for the keys to the prisoner. Shunji says he'd give it later. Kangto overhears the commander talking to Shunji in the commanders office. Mokdan's father says to mokdan, the one that can help you is Kangto. Kangto comes to take her father away to open him up to the public for open questioning. Mokdan is shocked. He says to mokdan, before he arrives in public, he's going to make a plan for escape. they drive away and mokdan's fathers helpers follow them. Shunji informs his father. Kimura informs Hongju. Hongju says make sure there are no mistakes and to execute. Shunji understands. There is a roadblock. a car. kangto orders the drivers to check the car out. they are then both shot. the spies are in the trees shooting. Mokdans dad escapes next to a tree with kangto. Kangto shoots his own soldier. Mokdans father sees. Mokdan is met by the spies. the spies ask for mokdans father. Kangto gives him up. when a spy almost shoots kangto, he is shot by shunji The end. Thank you everyone for reading/watching. See you next week!
Now the agony starts to wait for next Wednesday to arrive.
i knew kangto can get pass through that situation, love this ep... thanks again for the recap....^^
Thanks buddy! :)
thanks leegloria, again
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