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Why are Gift Cards and Coupons a blessing in disguise ?

You ever think about getting someone a present but don't know what exactly you should buy for them, well then maybe you should consider getting them a gift card. This isn't exactly how it sounds, and while it may not be as romantic, it's clearly a better way to shop for people whom you love but whose taste you're not very sure of.
I'm especially bad when it comes to getting gifts for my loved ones. It's not because I don't know them well or anything, I'm just not the best at picking presents. This one time I got my sister an alarm clock for her birthday present and she absolutely hated it. Here's four reasons why gift cards are a great substitute to presents :
If you're in a fix about what to pick : If you don't know what the other person likes a lot or what exactly they would appreciate, gift cards are a great way to let people figure out what they want for themselves. No, it doesn't mean you don't care enough for them to know what they love. It only means you are allowing them the freedom to choose something great for themselves.
If your loved one is too picky : Let's all face it we all have that one person in our life who will never like anything we get them and will always want to exchange it for something of their choice. They're still our friends and we want them to be happy with our gifts. In this circumstance, having a gift card or a coupon comes in extremely handy. You don't have to worry about your sentiments getting hurt and they don't have to hurt you by returning your gift.
It can be used online or at real on site stores : Gift coupons are something that can be redeemed anywhere. You just have to choose them wisely. The best way to buy them is go online on eBay or any other alternative to eBay and get one from there. Later, you can gift it to the person and tell them in what all places they can use them. These can be detailed with the amount, company and source from where you get them a gift card and you're all set to go.
It will save time and still convey that you care : Imagine it's Christmas and you've exhausted all the energy in decorating and preparing the food. What do you need right now ? Some moments of happiness with your loved ones and some amazing wine. But guess what, you forgot to buy them any presents. What do you do now ? It's exactly now that gift cards and coupons will help you out now. You don't have time to pick up a present or think about what you wish to get for them ? Just give them a gift card and it will convey the message for you. Sometimes, a gift card is the best gift ever.

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