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ooooh just saw that AGD had released their (VERY SHORT!) preview for Episode 17! here goes... don't forget to share this on FB/Twitter and follow me everyone! ================================== A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 17 The 4 gentlemen get together in Taesan's house to watch an all-star football match together. While watching, they start reminiscing and talking about their own glorious pasts and their "hero" stories... 4명의 신사들은 태산의 집에서 축구 올스타전 경기를 시청하면서 자랑스러운 자신들의 영웅에 대한 이야기를 하는데... looks like the 4 gentlemen/boys still have yet to grow up :)
ooooh thanks for this Luka... love the pic too looks like the two of them are going to grow even closerrrr.... SARNAG HAE YO!
thank for ur sharing luka.. (I'm anticipating for this).. tonight, agd not broadcast then?
i like this scene too. The way DJ touches YS fingers and YS still doesnt know. So naive and funny. Tks.