Business trips killing you: Here's how to survive

Business travel can be a pleasure or a hassle. Either way, preparing for the long business strip can make or break your time. Before approaching the airport, take your schedule or agenda and indicate what you will do in the next few days.

Finalize meetings, flights, dinners, and deadlines. It is essentially what you do in the days that you are free. It is crucial to maintain your physical and mental health as business trips can be intense.

Make sure you have time for yourself where you can get away from all the madness. Everyone needs time to relax, especially on business trips, where work speed can be fast, regular, and hard work. Schedule time for yourself to recharge your batteries, get some sleep, take a 출장 안마 which means a business trip massage, exercise, or even go for a walk and sightsee or get your bearings straight.

This time that you have for yourself should be used with care; otherwise, you will find yourself lying on your bed in a hotel room, trying to occupy your time flipping through the television channels. Talk to the doorman, do your research before you leave your hotel room, and find out what to do in your new neighborhood.

You should also keep an eye on your food away from home, as this is where most business travelers suffer. There is a lot of new food to try, business lunches and dinners, and therefore many extra calories.

It is vital to be watchful and check your calorie intake and take a light breakfast. Start the day with eggs, plain yogurt, and fresh fruit or oatmeal so that you can be energized all through the morning. Do not take coffee first thing in the morning and take light food throughout the day, and make sure you drink water more than anything else.

Make sure to eat regular meals throughout the day, small portions, healthy snacks that you should buy at a supermarket or health food store near the hotel. When in doubt, speak to the hotel concierge or reception. Healthier options include nuts and berries in small portions.

Enjoy a business lunch and dinner by ordering just one main course or two starters as a starter and main course. If you like to take alcohol, be sensitive and remember that you are in business. Drink two glasses of water for every glass of liquor you have, and be sure to wash your food down with water. Only use alcohol as an add-on and not to quench your thirst.

Business trips can be stressful and hectic, and therefore, it is really easy to fall sick due to many reasons. Your food can be the primary reason for that. Therefore, follow these principles, and you will find yourself thinking more clearly, sleeping better with reduced stress levels, and performing better at what you are there for; Business.