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Big = 18 Episodes?
So, I saw this on the KBSWorld website awhile ago. I don't know if I want to believe, but this is what I saw. O.o LINK TO WEBSITE: http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/programs/programs_intro.html?no=934
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My gosh, I hope it is true. but I am sad that the OST that Gong Yoo will sing will be a confirmation that Kyung Joon will return to his own body. :'(
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Totally saw that too. I really hope it's true. <3 I don't want a rushed ending in two episodes.
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@annalove24,I hope not. It has to be Kyung Joon who woke up. Im desperate here,want so much for Kyung Joon and Da Ran together! @kirika,I agree with you. With only two episodes,I dont think its easy to sum it all up,it will be in a haste.
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@sarahphang5 yup! I also want KJ (in YJ's body) to end up with DR. :DD
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let's cross our fingers for this.... i hope that this is true too.... :)
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