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When it comes to the brunch culture in Korea, this place is kind of "pioneer." The owner, Suji, had worked in NYC for several years and opened this restaurant in Itaewon. Now, Suji's has 2 more stores in Bundang(the city in Gyunggi province) and Tokyo(yes, I mean JAPAN!). I've seen a lot of foreign customers here, and they seemed to like this place a lot :) They have omelettes, pasta, pancakes, and pretty much everything else you can think for brunch-wise. And they are very delicious! If you've been missing what you used to have in your home country, I think this place can satisfy you. For the direction to Suji's and their working hours, see the second picture! :)
Ooh,im hungry now...looks yummy!
i've been craving for some pancakes, bacon and scramble eggs :(((
i love brunch!!!
It was yummy! try this if you can make a stop at Itaewon :)