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Jung Yong Hwa, actor and leader of Idol rock band CNBLUE, has officially been cast in the upcoming K-Drama, The Three Musketeers! This is the most exciting news ever, because not only is this drama based on the French novel from the 1800’s by Alexandre Dumas, it’s going to be based in the JOSEON DYNASTY! We’re all going to get to watch Yong Hwa fight with a sword in one of those battle hanboks, because it’s totally different than a regular hanbok, and he’ll probably have a super cool headband! I’m totally creating the costumes in my mind, so his wardrobe is questionable, but what’s not questionable is the role Yong Hwa is taking on! The name of his character is Park Dal Hyang and apparently this is the role of D’Artagnan. Now, I never read the novel, but I did watch the American film, and I do remember D’Artagnan was played by Chris O’Donnell, but he wasn’t actually one of the “three musketeers." He was a young guy who tagged along trying to convince the three actual musketeers that he was worthy and capable of being in their group. Now it’s unclear if the Korean version will stay true to the original storyline, but The Three Musketeers is set to air its first season this August. This drama will have 3 seasons, with each being 12 episodes long.
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