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German photographer Michael Wolf studies and captures the extreme density of Hong Kong. Michael's work, Architecture of Density, he examines not the common theme of population density in Hong Kong, but rather he studies density of architecture as it relates to population density. Michael attempts to keep the buildings the primary focus of the photographs, so he rarely displays people within the scenes. At first gaze, it is hard to connect with these massive structures. They seems desolate, bleak, and alien. I feel Michael tries to show this, in a ironic kind of way. The viewer is reminded that these are actually human made structures, so in part they are part of or society and our persons. In turn, these buildings become a little less alien, and a little more human.
I can totally see the little less/more human aspect: especially in image 1 where I first didnt notice the people and the lives that were clearly part of the overall composition @dillonk
@dillonk I really like the connections this guy made between population density and how it relates to where we live as humans. Nice write up!