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This scene was extremly beautiful! It was an epilogue. What is the right road? Where do I have to go? I'll be flustered and worried a lot. But I'm not afraid. Life is unpredictable but it gives a surtcey,too. My love, my baby and grateful people. I received amazing gifts during 9 months. In the future, which gifts will I receive in my life? I'm very curious and I'm expected it. Live Recaps : Screencaps 1 : Screencaps 2 : Screencaps 3 : Screencaps 4 : Screencaps 5 : Screencaps 6 : Screencaps 7 : Screencaps 8 : Screencaps 9 : Screencaps 10 :
OMG, best scene ever♥
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Yes it's so beautiful
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the story is so cute.,i like their made me laugh.
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they really need to add 1 more episode
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@slamdunkfanfb Yes! I agree....I'm so sad. Wednesday was I Do I Do day..
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