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This is a great move for those of us who sit in one position for a long period of time. I am confined to my desk nearly all day so when I get home I find that this pose relieves all the built up stress in my back and shoulders. It's great for helping your posture as well! Instructions: - Roll up a blanket or thick towel. Lie down with the roll placed under your upper middle back. - If you would like, use a pillow or a folded blanket under your head. - Close your eyes and relax. Stay in this position as long as you like.
If I do this, I totally start to fall asleep though haha!! Great idea; I should remember to try it more often
As a writer I am constantly on my computer at my desk. I am always slouched over, i need to try this move!
Sometimes I do this at the beach after surfing haha
@caricakes hahahahah
@caricakes Atta girl! Lazy yoga is the best yoga haha
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