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Blue skies and a candy coated color palette make Vittorio Ciccarelli's photographs immediately recognizable. Ciccarelli is a graphic designer and photographer living and working in Naples. In his work "Invisible," Ciccarelli uses fragments of architecture against an appealing blue/green sky. These fragments of recognizable architecture allows the viewer to disassociate with the recognized, making it invisible. These candy colored photographic work has become very popular recently with modern photographers. Ciccarelli's photographs remind me a lot of Matthais Heiderich. Here is a card I published about his work: http://www.vingle.net/posts/321249-Matthais-Heiderich-Spektrum-Berlin
@Nisfit @pipeline Next time read the statement I wrote on the card maybe?! The whole point of this photographer's work is to fragment architecture in his photographs so the viewer can disassociate with what they know/have seen before. Showing the whole scene defeats the purpose of the project!
I love the blue sky! These all look like they could be just a piece of a much larger picture~
I agree with @Nisfit that these seems like a bigger picture broken into pieces
Oh Sensual pic I like it