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Sometimes, the most obvious lures don't work for catching bass: the minnow imitations fail, and jigged plastics don't work. When that happens, I like to try this guy. Even though he's a little unpopular because of his black and yellow colors, I've found a lot of success with him. The lure itself has ball bearings inside that allow for a bit of a twitch, even during a slow retrieve. The best way to fish this lure is to do a slow retrieve, twitch the line, and pause. This will make the bearings roll and cause really natural looking action from the whole presentation. It's a low friction, natural action lure--and you can probably get some big bass with it. And, if you don't think these colors will work for you, you can try it in some different colors, such as those shown in the video on slide #2! Give it a shot. Tight lines, everybody.
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Would the black amd yellow colors really be effective?!