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Common name: bream, common sunfish, round sunfish, pond perch, pumpkinseed, sun bass, sunfish, sunny, yellow sunfish ID: Brown or olive back with light sides. Orange belly with speckled spots of various colors. 7-10 bands like other sunfish, strips more visible in female especially while breeding. Life cycle: Spawn from May to August, but mostly in June. Prefers temperatures between 68 and 80 F for spawning. Spawn in gravel or sand, forming a nest. Males defend the nest. Can be found in the Wisconsin basins, but also in the shallow, protected bays of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. In clear water, close to shore. Feeds on: Small food, including larvae, insects, worms, smaller fish, vegetation.
@happyrock @fallingwater sure I will only because them being pretty doesnt make them easier to catch!!
@happyrock me either!!! I think they have the prettiest colors of any of the fish @mcgraffy has shared ><
@mcgraffy @happyrock but it makes them more fun to catch!!
@fallingwater @mcgraffy he's probably gonna get mad at us for talking about the pretty fish instead of catching them
There's a ton of different sunfish; I never realized!