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The book and the movie, in this case, were really similar! I found the movie to be a really accurate adaptation of the book, even though there some changes that affected the story. Because of Winn-Dixie tells the story of a girl who finds a dog, and the experiences she goes through during this time. The major difference for me was the severity of people trying to take the dog away from here: both the landlord and Opal's father give her a harder time in the movie than in the book about getting rid of the dog. This change was likely done for dramatic effect to make the movie more forceful on this note. I didn't really think this change was necessary, but it also didn't make much difference in the plot. Another difference was that in the book, Opal was given much more information about her mother. Not all of this information made it to the movie, but still, Opal was given the most important pieces. I liked that the book was more thorough on this account, but didn't really feel like this absence affected the movie too severely. Both the book and the movie are totally work checking out! They pull on heartstrings and touch on many difficulties of growing up and being a family in non traditional circumstances.
@onesmile I never realized how popular it was for kids to read in school until the movie came out and I Realized everyone had read it before
@timeturnerjones likewise!! I thought I was pretty unique for reading it, but its a bit of a new classic?
I don't remember the movie that well, but I know that I adored the book. It was a big deal at our elementary school book fair when it just came out!
I love love love this book!! I read it during 5th grade for a competition, and have loved it since then :)