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Ep 18 preview is out!!! yaay! I have noticed that there are some people who are using my translations - PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT. I love dramas and want to share with everyone, but I HATE IT when people just take my work and don't give me credit. Please stop it!!! It is not fair to me, and I know who you are... anyway, all AGD fans, here is the translation for Episode 18. Dont forget to follow me for kdrama updates!!! ( ====================================== A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 18 The 4 guys go out on a drive together for a fun outing, but end up getting into a minor car accident. Their car gets bumped from behind, and it turns out that the culprit is a 20-something young man who's driving a luxury car. The 4 guys are convinced that the car belongs not to the young guy, but to his father... and as a result the 4 of them start putting on a big exaggerated show in an attempt to get more money from the young guy (and his dad presumably!) 네 남자 모두 윤의 차에 타고 놀러가는 도중 뒤차가 아주 살짝 들이받는 사고를 당한다. 좋은 차를 타고 있는 20대 초반 남성이 운전자인 것을 확인 후 100% 아빠 차라며 내리자마자 뒷목을 잡고 오버를 하는데... ================================ looks like it will be another funny episode kekekeke
thanks.... no video yer?
Thankyou, Luka! You are the best!!!
yeah i agree with sarah and turtle!!! thank you LUka i love ur previews and your kdrama news... so sorry that people are stealing your stuff! I'm giving them a punch on ur behalf!
It's plagiarism...not fair,you who took Luka's work should have acknowledge her if you are using her article. This 4guys are really funny and they always have something up their sleeves.
I'm so sorry, Luka. Who the heck is it? You shouldn't just seat and watch it!