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One Of The Largest Bank, PNC Bank Has Joined The Ripple Network

One of the largest banks has joined the Ripple network

Transfers based on the distributed ledger began to be officially offered to the clients of the credit institution.

US blockchain giant Ripple continues to support investor hopes through new partnerships, despite a lawsuit filed by the US financial regulator.

Good news for BankDhofar from Ripple

Ripple has announced a partnership with BankDhofar, Oman's second-largest bank. BankDhofar will now use RippleNet for certain money transfer transactions and money transfer channels. Transfer transactions between Pune-based IndusInd Bank and BankDhofar will be carried out using the RippleNet infrastructure.

According to a post posted by Ripple, this partnership actually contains the former. This is the first time that real-time mobile payments can be made between two banks, and Ripple's infrastructure plays a big role in this. BankDhofar customers will be able to send transfers of up to $ 2,600 to India directly using the app.

For the first time between India and Oman thanks to Ripple

The fact that real-time payments will be made from Oman to India for the first time also reveals just one of the benefits offered by Ripple's infrastructure. The statement made by Ripple said that it is proud to have realized this partnership and also highlighted that India is a leader in the money transfer industry.

India is the country with the most remittances in the world, and Indian citizens working in other countries send money to their countries in a variety of ways. The fact that Ripple is the first in this regard shows how important and future-oriented the proposed technology is.

XRP was also influenced by positive changes

A few days ago, Ripple signed a partnership agreement with the National Bank of Egypt, Egypt's largest bank. With this move taken for a remittance channel between Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, Ripple's partner network has expanded significantly. It is not yet clear if XRP, which is said to be the security in the lawsuit filed against Ripple, will be used in these channels.

XRP is up 10% after these announcements, surpassing $ 1 again. In fact, the cryptocurrency industry is currently experiencing a general upward trend. However, XRP's sluggish rate has been interrupted for a while by news of new partnerships. XRP is known to be used especially in ODL products and Ripple contributes to XRP by constantly developing its partner network.

PNC Bank embraces blockchain technology and has joined RippleNet

PNC - the eighth-largest bank in the United States by assets, managing nearly $ 400 billion in funds - was the first in the country to use RippleNet's distributed ledger to make cross-border customer payments.

It is reported that the department of the treasury of the credit institution announced the beginning of the provision of such blockchain services:

“The ability to receive payment overseas almost instantly after invoicing is an important and effective transformation of the receivables management process that arises when working with counterparties around the world, and this, in turn, leads to the fact that there is an opportunity to significantly improve the process of managing working capital in the organization. ".

As explained in the bank, clients will be able to improve the liquidity of working capital by converting accounts receivable into "live" cash much faster, more reliable, and less costly than in standard financial transactions, when the debtor is paying off his debt.

It is especially worth emphasizing that PNC is not starting to test work with the blockchain from Ripple - similar experimental transactions have already been carried out since September 2018, when the bank began to work with the blockchain solution xCurrent. Currently, we are talking about constant and daily work with the RippleNet blockchain to carry out financial transactions. The market "considered" this and on August 29-30, the native tokens of the Ripple project, XRP, showed growth.

At the same time, Ripple itself said that the use of XRP and its price are directly beginning to depend on projects for cooperation with institutional organizations of blockchain solutions offered by the fund. Thus, the volume of transactions in the XRP / Mexican peso pair grew on the local crypto exchange Bitcoin by more than 25% at the time when the payment giant MoneyGram began to cooperate with Ripple, and Ripple, in turn, acquired a 10% stake in MoneyGram.

As said the head of Brad Ripple Garlinghaus:

"This deal will have much more implications for the cryptocurrency market than even the publication of the White Paper of Facebook's Libra digital asset."

Ripple's successes, of course, are, however, oddly enough, they can pose risks to the independent existence of the organization in the future.

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Think of a virtual world in which people live, work, shop, and interact with others -- all from the comfort of their own spaces in the physical world. This is known as the metaverse. Metaverse is a new technology, an improved version of an augmented reality that enables several people to share a collaborative, and immersive virtual space. The recent announcement by Facebook, now Meta, (NASDAQ: META) was created for a virtual universe that integrates each of its services. Various companies like Disney, Qualcomm, Nike, and Microsoft have shown immense interest in it. The metaverse market supposedly is projected to grow at 45.2% CAGR from 2024 to 2030, according to the latest Market Research Future report. DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS Owing to its appealing features and multiple benefits, metaverse has a wide range of applications such as, Healthcare- Considering the arrival of the latest 5G technology, telemedicine may attain new horizons. Using AR in the metaverse, healthcare can supplement maximum people’s requirements across the globe. For example, during an eye exam, doctors can use tools and devices from the metaverse to facilitate the diagnosis. Through this technology, ophthalmologists can capture the patient’s eyes through a three-dimensional view and also make use of sensors for collecting vital signs. Along with pre-operative pictures from 3D scans, MRI, and CT, AR headsets are utilized for viewing crucial real-time patient data like respiration rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate. Besides, physicians and nurses, AR can also be used by everyone for vein identification. Manufacturing- With the use of virtual reality, there are less chances of accidents taking place. A manufacturer will not be required to spend time or money educating new employees as this will be looked after by VR training. This technology also helps to create better products as every element can be examined through a VR goggle. Manufacturers can also create flooring through virtual reality. Military Applications- The military application of VR and AR have faced a considerable breakthrough. TAR (tactical augmented reality) is a technology that appears akin to NVG (night-vision goggles), but with high functionality. This may display the precise location of a soldier along with the position of hostile forces and ally. A synthetic training environment again is an AR system that has been designed for offering a realistic training experience via putting them in psychologically and physically demanding combat settings. Education- Through a VR headset, students are highly motivated to learn. With the help of this technology, teachers can develop a highly effective classroom environment. This also allows incorporating of any language in the software thus solving the issue of language barrier. Investment- Metaverse can fundamentally change the standard through which we socialize with others. The metaverse is the next big investment theme and the stock sectors are already benefitting from it. Metaverse - a virtual world for immersive experiences where people across the world can meet, play, watch, and trade - has gained traction this year after major companies. ACTUAL PERKS OF METAVERSE Metaverse will offer people with novel capabilities and new opportunities which they have not yet known. Affordability of Various Products and Experiences- Metaverse will boost up the affordability of different products and experiences radically thus giving the common people access to luxuries. Metaverse will allow humanity to travel the world virtually with superior quality interaction with families in distant places, and more. Also, most of the jobs which were earlier accessible only locally will now be accessible globally or nationally as remote work will be far better than it presently is over Slack or Zoom. This novel wave of information ultimately will develop huge new job markets. Development of New Possibilities- Metaverse will launch new possibilities which currently do not exist. Within a span of a few years through rapid VR development, people will have access to new possibilities that will offer much more than entertainment value. Sustainability- The metaverse will prove to be an immense boon for sustainability. By attending social gatherings, schools, and workplaces virtually instead of physically, people will indeed save precious resources. In short, the metaverse is the merge of the physical and virtual space. This possesses the potential of overcoming the limits that people experience in real life. This technology is surely here to stay for good! Source: metaverse market
Vay tiền tại idong app có an toàn không?
Idong app là ứng dụng cho vay tiền online hoạt động trên điện thoại động. Bạn có thể cài đặt idong ở cả 2 hệ điều hành Android và iOS. Công Ty TNHH Thương Mại 360 Việt Nam là đơn vị thiết kế và điều hành app này. Khách hàng vay tiền app idong được xét duyệt nhanh chóng, giải ngân ngay trong ngày. Trước khi quyết định vay tiền ở ứng dụng nào bạn cũng nên tìm hiểu thật kỹ lượng. Đánh ưu, khuyết điểm, từ đó mới quyết định xem có nên đăng ký vay hay không. Ưu điểm Khách hàng ở mọi miền trên tổ quốc đều có thể dùng và sử dụng app idong dễ dàng nhanh chóng. Hỗ trợ vay tiền thông qua hình thức online 100%. Thế nên chỉ cần có điện thoại kết nối internet là bạn đã vay tiền được tại idong bất kể thời gian nào, cho dù là ngày hay đêm. Vay tiền qua idong sẽ không mất thời gian và công sức đi lại để gặp mặt và ký hợp đồng. Tỷ lệ khách hàng được xét duyệt hồ sơ vay tiền qua idong rất cao lên đến 95%. Hồ sơ vay tiền rất đơn giản chỉ cần có cmnd hoặc cccd là được. Idong app hoàn toàn không giữ bất cứ giấy tờ hay tài sản thế chấp nào của khách hàng cả. Không cần phải cung cấp chứng từ bảo lãnh hay chứng minh thu nhập của bản thân. Thông tin khách hàng đăng ký khoản vay của idong được bảo mật tuyệt đối. Có rất nhiều hình thức thanh toán khác nhau để khách hàng dễ dàng thanh khoản. Hạn chế  Mặc dù có nhiều ưu điểm, nhưng ứng dụng idong vẫn còn một số mặt hạn chế như khoản vay khá thấp. Tối đa chỉ 10 triệu đồng mỗi tháng. Không những thế, khách hàng vay lần đầu tiên thì chỉ được giải ngân nhiều nhất là 5 triệu đồng mà thôi. Bên cạnh đó, nếu so sánh với một số ứng dụng hay các trang web cho vay tiền khác thì lãi suất của idong cao hơn. Mức lãi suất cao khiến nhiều người băn khoăn không muốn đăng ký khoản vay tại đây. Quy trình đăng kí vay Để vay tiền thì đầu tiên bạn cần tải app idong về máy. Hãy lên App store hay CH play để tìm và tải ứng dụng. Sau đó truy cập vào app và đăng ký thông tin cá nhân bao gồm họ và tên, số cmnd hoặc cccd, số điện thoại… Hệ thống sẽ gửi mã xác nhận đến số điện thoại của bạn. Hãy nhập mã đó vào. Vào app chọn hạn mức và thời gian vay phù hợp với nhu cầu của bạn. Hệ thống tiến hành kiểm tra thông tin và xét duyệt khoản vay.  Trong 24h, idong sẽ tiến hành giải ngân bằng cách chuyển tiền vào số tài khoản ngân hàng mà bạn đã đăng ký. Ngoài ra, bạn có thể xem thêm thông tin về idong tại vayhay. Quý khách có thể tham khảo rất nhiều ứng dụng vay online phổ biến nhất hiện nay. Vừa nhanh gọn, vừa an toàn. Còn chần chừ gì hãy cầm điện thoại lên và liên hệ ngay đến vayhay nhé!
Blockchain Market- SWOT analysis along with illustrations & Forecast 2022-2026
According to a new market research report "Blockchain Market with COVID-19 Impact Analysis, by Component (Platforms and Services), Provider (Application, Middleware, and Infrastructure), Type (Private, Public, and Hybrid), Organization Size, Application Area, and Region—Global Forecast to 2026" published by MarketsandMarkets™, the Blockchain Market size is projected to grow from USD 4.9 billion in 2021 to USD 67.4 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 68.4% during the forecast period. The major driving factors contributing to the high growth rate of Blockchain Market include an increasing venture capital funding and investment in blockchain technology, extensive use of blockchain solutions in banking and cybersecurity, high adoption of blockchain solutions for payment, smart contracts, and digital identities, and rising government initiatives. Browse in-depth TOC on "Blockchain Market” 340- Tables 80- Figures 440- Pages Download PDF Brochure @ By component, the services segment to register the highest growth rate during the forecast period Based on component, the global Blockchain Market is segmented into platform and services. Platform refers to the standalone platform that cannot be further segmented. Blockchain platform in the market enables customers to set up private, public, and consortium-based blockchain environments and provide them with capabilities to develop their own blockchain applications and solutions. These platforms enable people, products, applications, and services to interoperate across the blockchain network, cloud providers, and organizations. The services segment includes various services required to deploy, execute, and maintain blockchain platform in an organization, including technology advisory and consulting, development and integration, and support and maintenance. Request Sample Pages @ The platform segment is expected to witness high adoption during the forecast period as the enterprises are expected to realize the various benefits offered by the technology, including reduced value chain cost, increased security, and faster operations enabling them to gain a leading edge over competitors. The services segment is expected to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period. The growth of the services segment would be dependent on the adoption of blockchain platform in the Blockchain Market during the forecast period. Services including technology advisory and consulting, development and integration, and support and maintenance form a critical component of the blockchain solution deployment enabling organizations to effectively utilize blockchain tools and support their core business operations effectively. Based on application area, the Retail and e-commerce segment to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period  The Retail and e-commerce segment is projected to witness the fastest growth rate of during the forecast period. The retail and eCommerce application area are an associated global network of suppliers, retailers, eCommerce portals, and customers interacting in physical stores, as well as digital online channels. Today, all retail and eCommerce organizations are making huge investments to provide enhanced customer experience to clients. The blockchain technology is progressively elevating the customer experience. With positive customer experience, retail and eCommerce businesses are expected to achieve customer loyalty. The blockchain technology enables retailers to use smart contracts for settling any conflict related to customers without any intervention of the court. Smart contracts are stored in a digital ledger, which enables customers to record all transactions, such as receipts, warranty documents, and insurance papers, securely on the blockchain ecosystem. The transaction is public and cannot be altered or tampered. All transacting parties are responsible for their contractual obligations and the action taken is automated if conditions are not met. For instance, an Israel-based blockchain startup offers a blockchain application for retailers to improve the overall efficiency in maintaining the records of customers related to warranty, insurance papers, and receipts. The information stored on the blockchain digital ledger makes it easier for customers to access information of their purchase and earn loyal or reward points. In case of any product malfunction, immediate assistance is provided to customers without any delay in services. Moreover, blockchain enables retailers’ access and accept cryptocurrencies instead of purchasing items to a payment processing. It helps online transfers in a secured and authenticated manner. The payment process with the blockchain technology is cheaper as compared to the credit card payment. North America to hold the largest market share during the forecast period North America has several prominent market players delivering blockchain solutions to all end-users in the region. The US and Canada both have strong economic conditions and are expected to be major contributors to the Blockchain Market's growth. The geographical presence, significant Research and Development (R&D) activities, partnerships, and acquisitions and mergers are the major factors for deploying blockchain services. Market Players Key and innovative vendors in Blockchain Market include IBM (US), AWS (US), SAP (Germany), Intel (US), Oracle (US), Huawei (China), Accenture (Ireland), Wipro (India), Bitfury (Amsterdam), Chain (US), Blockcypher (US), Guardtime (Estonia), Cegeka (Netherlands), Symbiont (US), BigchainDB (Germany), Applied Blockchain (UK), Auxesis Group (India), Spinsys (US), Infosys (India), NTT Data (Japan), Factom (US), R3 (US), Consensys(US), RecordsKeeper(Spain), Stratis (UK), Blockchain Foundry (Canada), Blockpoint (US), Leewayhertz (US), and Dragonchain (US). About MarketsandMarkets™ MarketsandMarkets™ provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies' revenues. Currently servicing 7500 customers worldwide including 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Almost 75,000 top officers across eight industries worldwide approach MarketsandMarkets™ for their painpoints around revenues decisions. Our 850 fulltime analyst and SMEs at MarketsandMarkets™ are tracking global high growth markets following the "Growth Engagement Model – GEM". The GEM aims at proactive collaboration with the clients to identify new opportunities, identify most important customers, write "Attack, avoid and defend" strategies, identify sources of incremental revenues for both the company and its competitors. MarketsandMarkets™ now coming up with 1,500 MicroQuadrants (Positioning top players across leaders, emerging companies, innovators, strategic players) annually in high growth emerging segments. MarketsandMarkets™ is determined to benefit more than 10,000 companies this year for their revenue planning and help them take their innovations/disruptions early to the market by providing them research ahead of the curve. MarketsandMarkets's flagship competitive intelligence and market research platform, "Knowledge Store" connects over 200,000 markets and entire value chains for deeper understanding of the unmet insights along with market sizing and forecasts of niche markets. Contact: Mr. Aashish Mehra MarketsandMarkets™ INC. 630 Dundee Road Suite 430 Northbrook, IL 60062 USA: +1-888-600-6441 Email: Research Insight: Content Source:
Cách vay tiền qua sim điện thoại như thế nào?
Vay tiền theo sim điện thoại là gói vay tín chấp tiêu dùng được nhiều khách hàng lựa chọn sử dụng nhất hiện nay. Trong thời đại công nghệ số, công nghiệp hiện đại như bây giờ thì tiện – nhanh – gọn lại càng là xu thế của lối sống. Ai ai cũng có cho mình chiếc điện thoại để liên lạc. Hơn hết nó lại tích hợp nhiều tính năng hữu dụng làm đơn giản hoá cuộc sống. Nhằm giúp đỡ giúp khách hàng tiếp cận và vay được số tiền mong muốn đơn giản, nhanh chóng nhất. Ưu điểm nổi bật của vay theo sim điện thoại - Thủ tục vay tiền qua sim điện thoại cực kỳ đơn giản. Tuy nhiên vẫn có thể linh động giải quyết cho vay sim không chính chủ.   - Chấp nhận cho vay tiền ngay cả khi bạn đang nợ tiền ngân hàng. - Chỉ cần thẩm định online qua điện thoại giúp tiết kiệm thời gian chi phí. - Không cần chứng minh kiểm chứ thu nhập hay khả năng tài chính  người đi vay. - Không cần thế chấp bất kỳ tài sản nào, thời gian giải ngân sau 30 phút làm việc. - Không cần lo lắng về hạn mức cho vay. Thậm chí không giới hạn nếu khách hàng có nhu cầu lớn (tối đa lên đến 50 triệu đồng) - Hình thức thanh toán: cho phép trả góp linh hoạt và dài hạn. Điều kiện vay Để được xét duyệt vay bạn cần phải đáp ứng đủ một số điều kiện như sau: - Là chủ thuê bao sim Vinaphone, Viettel, hay Mobiphone. - Thời gian sử dụng sim lâu năm thì uy tín và hạn mức vay càng cao. - Độ tuổi người vay phải từ 20 – 60 tuổi. - Tối thiểu 3 triệu/ tháng lương và có công việc ổn định - Đầy đủ giấy tờ bao gồm CMND/ CCCD và sổ hộ khẩu bản gốc. - Không có bất kỳ khoảng nợ xấu tại các ngân hàng hay các tổ chức tín dụng trong thời điểm vay. Vay qua sim là giải pháp hữu hiệu giúp người dùng có nguồn tài chính kịp thời để thực hiện nhiều dự định bản thân. Ngoài ra, tại Vayhay, quý khách hàng còn có thể vay bằng hình thức trực tuyến qua các ứng dụng mà Vayhay đã liên kết. Nếu có thắc mắc gì hãy nhắc điện thoại lên và liên hệ ngay đến Vayhay nhé!
Lệnh stop limit là gì?
Giới thiệu tổng quát về lệnh stop limit Lệnh stop limit là gì? Lệnh stop limit (lệnh giới hạn dừng) là sự kết hợp giữa lệnh dừng (stop order) và lệnh giới hạn (limit order), được dùng để cắt lỗ ở mức giá giới hạn (limit price) khi giá thực tế trên thị trường chạm ngưỡng giá dừng (stop price). Nói cách khác, khi giá trên thị trường chạm mốc giá dừng, lệnh stop limit sẽ được kích hoạt và trở thành lệnh sell limit hoặc buy limit một loại tài sản kỹ thuật số bất kỳ. Stop limit là lệnh nâng cao trên Binance, nếu là người mới, các bạn có thể xem thêm hướng dẫn đặt lệnh mua bán coin cơ bản trên Binance Ưu điểm và nhược điểm của lệnh stop limit Ưu điểm Các nhà đầu tư đều được bảo vệ an toàn trước những biến động bất thường và đột ngột của thị trường tiền ảo. Quản lý, kiểm soát việc mua – bán, lời – lỗ dễ dàng hơn. Lệnh stop limit không giới hạn về lợi nhuận thu được cũng như giá trị khi định giá. Làm chủ được quỹ thời gian và ứng biến chủ động ngay cả khi thị trường biến động. Nhược điểm Chỉ thực sự hiệu quả đối với thị trường biến động ở mức vừa và nhỏ. Trader sẽ lỗ nặng khi thị trường giảm mạnh và dễ rơi vào tình thế bị động. Phụ thuộc nhiều vào khả năng áp giá, thời điểm đặt lệnh. Lệnh stop limit chỉ có tác dụng khi thỏa điều kiện. Cơ chế lệnh Stop limit Cơ chế lệnh Stop limit là lệnh khi giá tài sản đạt đến giá stop nhất định, cơ chế lệnh stop – limit sẽ được thực hiện với mục đích mua, bán tài sản ở một mức giá limit cố định. Lệnh Limit: giá đã chọn mà tại mức giá đó lệnh stop – limit được thực hiện. Số lượng: số lượng tài sản mua, bán trong lệnh stop – limit. nếu các bạn thấy hay thì có thể xem thêm: Hướng dẫn tạo, sử dụng lệnh stop limit Binance. Trước khi phần các bạn còn chưa biết stop limit là gì thì mong rằng bài viết trên sẽ mang đến những thông tin hữu ích, giúp bạn có thể hiểu được stop limit là gì Hướng dẫn sử dụng Stop Limit Binance hoàn thành một cách nhanh chóng
How To Withdraw From Blockchain Wallet To PayPal [Latest Guide]
If you have purchased Bitcoin with a Blockchain Wallet and want to withdraw it to PayPal, you've come to the right place. In this article we'll discuss the process, how long it takes, and how to do a fast withdrawal. You'll also learn about the benefits of Blockchain Wallets and why you should use them. In addition, you'll learn how to withdraw funds fast, and how to make the most of your Blockchain wallet. How To Withdraw Bitcoin From Blockchain To PayPal Withdrawing bitcoin from blockchain wallet to PayPal is not difficult as PayPal has integrated with several cryptocurrency exchanges. Among other things, it supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Users can use the PayPal app to withdraw their Bitcoins or deposit them to their bank accounts or supported credit cards. You must have an active PayPal account in order to Withdraw From Blockchain Wallet To PayPal. After completing the process, you will receive a receipt for your funds. When PayPal introduced its crypto trading feature, it provided only a limited range of options, which prompted widespread criticism. Later, it enabled users to spend crypto with merchants. However, this was a short-lived solution. PayPal introduced commercial payments in March 2021, but still did not allow cryptocurrency users to withdraw their funds to their personal wallets. However, PayPal executives have been discussing the possibility of enabling personal cryptocurrency withdrawals since May 2021. How Long Does It Take To Withdraw From Blockchain If you are interested in transferring your Bitcoin to PayPal, there are some things you should know before you begin. First, you must have an account with PayPal. You must make sure that you have sufficient funds to cover any fees. PayPal has low fees, but you should check the details before making a transaction. If you do not have a PayPal account, you cannot withdraw funds using the platform. You can, however, withdraw your Bitcoins through the Blockchain Wallet app. PayPal is a popular service that allows you to sell and withdraw your crypto through PayPal. The company claims to have over 400 million users. Once you've created a PayPal account, you'll need to accept PayPal's terms and conditions. You'll have to accept marketing emails from Insider and agree to PayPal's terms of service before you can use the services. In most cases, you'll be able to withdraw your crypto in a matter of hours. Also Read:- How To Withdraw Bitcoin To Paypal How To Perform Fast Withdrawal When you are ready to cash out your Bitcoins from your Blockchain Wallet, you can simply cash out by visiting the PayPal website and choosing the method of withdrawal that you prefer. You can choose between paid withdrawals, linked debit cards, and checks in the mail. You can also use the Cash app to sell bitcoins and cash out quickly. Here's how to get started. This guide will show you the steps involved in cashing out your bitcoins from your Blockchain Wallet. First, you need to link a bank or credit card that is located in your country. You can easily link a card by tapping the button that says "Link a bank account". You will then be able to confirm your bank account or card and begin the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive your cash instantly. Remember that you need to wait a couple of days before you can withdraw your bitcoins from your Blockchain Wallet to PayPal, but this process is very fast.
Study of Smart Contracts: Concept and Evolution
What is a smart contract In 1996, Nick Szabo proposed the concept of smart contracts in the article “Smart Contracts: Building Blocks For Digital Markets”. The so-called “contract” is something like a clause or a contract, which records the conditions of occurrence and the corresponding executed clauses to support operations such as confirmation of rights; the so-called “intelligence” means automation and programmability. Therefore, Bridge Smart Contract Development Services is a programmable contract, and it can also be understood as a self-executing clause contract. In a computer, it is a self-executing program fragment. It is easier to save the contract, and it is run by a certain algorithm. Given the input, the corresponding output is obtained, which greatly guarantees the execution of the contract. Using the vending machine analogy can help us better understand the core features of smart contracts. When the user selects the goods to be purchased and completes the payment, the shipping logic will be triggered, and the user can get the desired goods, and this process does not require manual intervention, which saves the labor cost of selling goods. If you want to break this contract, you have to physically destroy the vending machine. Like POS card swiping machines, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), etc., this analogy can also be used. Smart Contracts and Blockchain Smart contracts were proposed in the last century, while blockchain was born in 2009. By definition, smart contracts have little to do with blockchain. So why have smart contracts and blockchains been so closely related in the past 10 years? Because the blockchain can ensure that the smart contract cannot be tampered with, not only the contract content cannot be tampered with, but also the record of each call. The most basic premise for smart contracts to generate value is to have a strong underlying medium for storage, so that it cannot be physically damaged. However, the ontology of a smart contract is a piece of code, which is very easy to be tampered with, and how to provide a strong storage medium for it becomes a problem. This is exactly what the blockchain is good at solving — through the practice of Bitcoin, Cross chain bridge development it has been proved that the blockchain can make electronic records immutable in a distributed environment. At the same time, smart contracts are also feeding the blockchain, which greatly expands the business scenarios of the blockchain. After being combined with smart contracts, the blockchain no longer serves a single currency payment, and can be extended to all aspects of life. The rich application scenarios also pose new challenges to the capabilities of the blockchain. Blockchain 2.0: The Birth of Ethereum Bitcoin, born in 2009, uses technologies such as blockchain to ensure the ecology, creating the era of blockchain 1.0. Users can customize some things through script code, such as how to unlock a fund. These script codes are saved with the transaction, thus enjoying immutability and determinism. So from a certain perspective, these scripts can also be regarded as smart contracts. But they don’t work well. First, these script codes are not Turing-complete, which limits the functions that can be implemented; second, the development threshold is high, and the experience of writing complex logic will be poor, such as writing programs with JVM bytecode. In 2013, a young goddess Buterin proposed Ethereum, the core of which is to update and verify blockchain data through the state of the world. The biggest difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin is that complex logical operations can be performed through smart contracts. On Ethereum, the language of smart contracts is Solidity, Build a cross chain bridge which is a Turing-complete and relatively upper-level language, which greatly expands the capabilities of smart contracts and reduces the difficulty of writing smart contracts. Because of this, the birth of Ethereum also marks the beginning of the blockchain 2.0 era. Subsequently, smart contract technology has gradually penetrated into multiple business scenarios such as traceability, certificate storage, and supply chain. Status and Prospects of Smart Contracts From a programming perspective, a smart contract is a piece of code. Smart contracts have many differences and limitations compared to regular code, such as: single thread execution Code execution consumes resources and cannot exceed resource limits It is currently difficult to obtain off-chain data, such as weather information, game results, etc. Other restrictions like TPS These characteristics make the current smart contract ecology center on the governance of on-chain resources. Just like various ERC standards and governance schemes on Ethereum; there are various resource models on EOS, such as CPU, RAM, concurrent economic model, Rex, Bancor protocol, etc. Obviously, as far as the current ecology is concerned, the influence of smart contracts on the real world is limited. But things are always evolving. At present, there have been many researches devoted to breaking these limitations, typically Oracles (oracles, but often referred to as oracles), which allow smart contracts to interact with off-chain, which can greatly improve the use of smart contracts In the scene, it seems that a computer is connected to the Internet; for example, those attempts to break through the performance bottleneck of the chain itself, such as payment channels, cross-chain, plasma, and rollup, all break the shackles of security and performance from different angles. Undoubtedly, smart contracts will play an increasingly important role, and with the implementation of Ethereum 2.0 in the future, a new blockchain era may be opened. Smart Contract Technology Ethereum adopts Solidity as a smart contract language, Solidity is a high-level programming language created to implement smart contracts that can run on nodes that allow Ethereum programs. The language absorbs some features of C++ and JavaScript, such as it is a statically typed language, supports inheritance, libraries, etc. In addition to Solidity, the smart contract technology of each platform is also different. Next, we will introduce the technologies adopted by other platforms from the public chain and alliance chain. Smart contract operation analysis The function of this Solidity code is to access the _num field. This field is called a “state variable” and is persistently stored by the blockchain. Users can deploy this code on Ethereum or similar blockchains. Successful deployment means that the smart contract can no longer be modified. As long as the underlying blockchain is not destroyed, the contract will always exist. Anyone can call the contract interface through the “contract address”, and the information of each call will be recorded on the chain. Before explaining how this code works, let’s review how a traditional java program works. First, after the user compiles the java code, Build a token bridge it will be saved on the disk in the form of bytecode; then the user will call the program, which is managed and executed by the JVM; during the execution of the program, the call parameters may be recorded through the log, and the Disk for IO. Solidity’s implementation is similar. The difference is that the medium is changed from hard disk to blockchain, and from stand-alone to distributed. After the code is deployed, it is stored on each node in the form of bytecode. When a user requests to call a function, the call request will be included in the transaction and packaged into a block. Once the entire network reaches a consensus on the block, it means that the call is legal. Next, the EVM will call the bytecode, which is responsible for accessing the underlying state variables, just like traditional programming IO. Epilogue This article introduces the concept and historical evolution of smart contracts. Smart contract is a technology proposed in the last century, which has radiated new vitality under the wave of blockchain. On the contrary, the extensive application scenarios of smart contracts have greatly promoted the development of blockchain. To learn smart contracts, it is recommended to choose Solidity language, because it has the characteristics of some traditional languages. At the same time, the execution environment is completely based on blockchain, and the actual business development experience will be different from the previous programming experience. Readers can try to quickly build a blockchain environment based on FISCO BCOS, deploy a simplest contract, become familiar with the deployment and invocation methods, and then further enter the world of Solidity.
Blockchain - All About
Definition of blockchain The blockchain is a register of decentralized data shared in complete security. Blockchain technology allows a selected group of participants to share data. Thanks to the blockchain, transactional data from multiple sources can be collected and shared. The data is divided into shared blocks which are chained together with unique identifiers in the form of cryptographic hashes. Blockchain provides data integrity with a single source of truth, eliminating data duplication and increasing security. In a blockchain system, fraud and tampering with data are avoided because data cannot be changed without the authorization of a quorum of the parties. A blockchain ledger can be shared - but not edited. If someone tries to change any data, all participants will be notified and know who made the attempt. Blockchain technologies To learn more about blockchain, its underlying technology, and use cases, here are some important definitions. Decentralized trust: The main reason companies use blockchain technology, instead of other data stores, is to provide a guarantee of data integrity without relying on a central authority. This is called decentralized trust through reliable data. Blockchain Blocks: The name blockchain comes from the fact that data is stored in blocks and each block is connected to the previous block, forming a chain structure. With blockchain technology, you can only add new blocks to a blockchain. You cannot edit or delete a block once it has been added to the blockchain. Consensus algorithms: Algorithms that apply the rules in a blockchain system. Once the participating parties define the rules for the blockchain, the consensus algorithm ensures that these rules are followed. Blockchain Nodes: Blocks of blockchain data are stored on nodes, the storage units that keep data synchronized or up to date. Any node can quickly determine if a block has changed since it was added. When a whole new node joins the blockchain network, it downloads a copy of all blocks currently on the chain. Once the new node syncs with the other nodes and has the latest version of the blockchain, it can receive all new blocks just like other nodes. There are two main types of blockchain nodes: 1. The full node stores a complete copy of the blockchain. 2. The light nodes store only the most recent blocks and can ask older blocks when users need them. Types of blockchains Public Blockchain: A public or unauthorized, blockchain network is a network that anyone can participate in without restrictions. Most types of cryptocurrency operate on a public blockchain governed by rules or consensus algorithms. Authorized Blockchain: A private, or authorized, blockchain allows companies to set controls over who can access blockchain data. Only users with permissions can access specific datasets. Oracle Blockchain Platform is an authorized blockchain. “I see an authorized blockchain as a family. What I mean by that are family members, they trust and protect each other. No guest is allowed to enter without the formal consent of all family members. True members of the family, they, therefore, keep private information within the family. It's about data protection. What happens in a family stays in the family. They update each other with all the information. As with data privacy, they protect their mutual information in order to protect each other and keep everyone's home secure. It is therefore the family chain. It is the blockchain. From my perspective, blockchain is all about data security, efficiency, and privacy. ” —Ghassan Sarsak, Director of Technology and Innovation, ICS Financial Systems Limited The business value of blockchain The use of blockchain technology is expected to increase dramatically over the next several years. This game-changing technology is seen as both innovative and disruptive, as blockchain will alter existing business processes with streamlined efficiency, reliability, and security. Blockchain technology offers specific business benefits that help businesses in the following ways: - It builds trust between parties doing business together by providing reliable and shared data - Eliminate siled data by integrating data into a single system with a distributed ledger shared within a network that authorized parties can access - It offers a high level of data security - It reduces the need for third-party intermediaries - It creates real-time tamper-proof recordings that can be shared among all participants - It allows participants to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of products placed on the market. - It allows seamless tracking and tracing of goods and services across the supply chain VGAMER - The New Virtual Game, You Need To Experience Welcome to VGAMER, an application that helps us connect our console games, play, stake, stream, and create NFT with other users. It is a place where gamers and blockchain meet to make friends. All details are in Token Pre-sale (Details): Platform: Start: Dec 24, 2021 (8:00PM GMT) End: Dec 27, 2022 (12:00AM GMT) Number of tokens: 25,000,000,000 VGM (25%) Soft cap / Hard cap: 50% / 100% Exchange rate: 1 BNB = 12,500,000 VGM Accepted currencies: BNB, BUSD Min / Max buy: 0.1 / 10 BNB