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Forgotten Passion (oneshot) +18
Who: Kwon Hyukwoo x Reader What: Smut Story: N/A There was a pause in the room. Neither one of you knew how you got here but right now you were staring at each other. Your lips were only slightly parted so much so it wasn't even noticeable that they were open. Your chest rose and fell showcasing the change in your heart beat. Hyukwoo's fingers started to curl into his palm. He swallowed and stepped forward; he drew his hand up to your face, there was a hitch in your breathing. When his fingers touched your skin, your eyes closed to enjoy the sweet feeling of his touch. Perhaps that moment of surrender was enough to over take him and he stepped forward, he placed cautious lips against yours. The softness of those plush lips made you lean in for more even as he pulled away. There it was. That eye contact that made you feel like a character in the movie that had finally gotten to taste their lovers lips. It was that moment where all the romantic tension met its peak, the moment viewers waited for in a film and then melted as they watched their OTP come together and dive into their passion for each other. How long had you been under the spell of Kwon Hyukwoo? How long had you wanted to ask him out, to confess your feelings for him? Now you two were here in a hotel room, with no memory of the night before but it was clear neither one of you had touched each other. While your crush persisted for him, you had become closer as friends and the desire to become more was almost forgotten. That soft kiss, that slight taste had reawakend everything you had tried to put to rest. Hyukwoo looked deep into your chestnut eyes, his stare was even more breath taking. His eyebrows went up and a look of regret over took his face. He looked away, he turned from you leaving you restless and weak. "I must be out of my mind." He whispered to himself. "Why?" Your voice had the faint sound of a girl about to cry. You wanted him desperately. He turned to look at you, that expression remained. You were confused, did he regret kissing you or did he not want to go further? You walked up to him, your eyes pleading for him to touch you. Your hands came to his chest, you could feel the muscle of his pecs under his thin black shirt. It hugged his torso and revealed what was underneath with no shame. Yet it wasn't his body that drove you crazy, nor was it his sweet face, at least not that alone. It was the way he treated you so gently like you were delicate. You remembered how your mind went crazy when he placed a band aid on your knee once or how your stomach tied in knits when he would rub your head. Hyukwoo gently grabbed your wrists and pulled your hands away from him. Your heart sank. "Do you not want me?" You asked. He looked a little shocked and then he looked away from you. There was a look of embarrassment on his face that would've been completed if he had blushed. You would've smiled if your heart wasn't racing, anticipating breaking through his defenses so you could finally endulge in his scent. You walked up to him and threw your arms around his neck, you would take this chance. You had to, otherwise you would always wonder. You pulled him down to kiss you and you could tell from the way his body froze he was shocked. You licked at his bottom lip and then used your tongue to open his lips, to kiss him deeper. Your heart raced even faster, your arms were weak even though you held onto him, every inch of your skin was screaming, thrilled from the kiss and excited for what might come. His hands came to your waist, they were so light against your shape and a small moan slipped from your mouth and into his. He pulled away sharply, he backed up looking far more flustered than you felt. You felt the sting of tears starting to build up, did he really not want you? Was he disgusted by the kiss? "Please, Y/N. Don't." He pleaded. A lump caught in your throat, you had taken the chance and he was rejecting you and it hurt like hell. You were able to let out a whimper of a question, "Why?" You were hoping he'd just set the record straight, that he'd just tell you he didn't want to be with you. He eyes drew from your feet to your eyes. He was slightly panting himself and he said, "I don't want to confuse you, because once I start, I may not be able to stop." That confession thrilled you. It reverberated through your entire body so that you wanted to drop to the ground. You walked up to him again, you grabbed his shirt and pulled him close, "I don't want you to stop. Sleep with me Hyukwoo." You said. He looked embarrassed again but you urged him to go through with it. He brushed hair behind your ear again, his touch was so soft your senses were being tortured by him. You were almost breathless with anticipation, "Please don't regret this." He whispered in your ear. "Never." The ends of your lips curled into a smile and he brought his lips down to kiss you. He slipped his tongue into your mouth the same way you did but he walked as he kissed you. He moved slow but his kiss was eager. He held you in the kiss as if you two were dancing. He pushed you to the bed and that ache between your legs was now more prominent than before. He slipped up your dress and hooked his fingers into your white panties decorated with red cherries. He chuckled as he pulled them down past your ankles. "Were you planning on seducing me?" He asked. You covered your face then you felt the touch of his persistent finger against your clit. Your legs pressed together trapping his hand. You heard his soft chuckle then his other hand captured your wrist and pulled your hand away from your face. "Please don't hide your face." He said. His voice was faint and innocent, he seemed far more innocent than you for the moment. He opened your legs and moved his body between them so you wouldn't close up again. Your breath was locked in your throat when you felt his finger trail down your folds to find your opening. This was a part of you no one had ever touched, you had only dared to go near it merely to wash yourself now your crush was discovering what was hidden between the soft folds of flesh. His finger merely touched the surface and you whimpered. He used his other thumb to draw circles against your nub while he used his finger to shallowly dip inside of you. You bit the back of your finger and tried to cover up your moans. "No, let me hear your voice." He said. You shook your head embarrassed. While his fingers continued to play with your sex he leaned down and kissed your neck drawing moans from you anyway. He found a sweet spot along your neck that made you shiver and left you panting in heat. You grabbed him by the shoulders and he peppered kisses on your face. "Take off your dress." He whispered. His voice was lewd, it was heavy with the thickness of his own arousal. He sat up and drew his fingers away if only to allow you to switch your position to easily remove your dress. You had the dress partly over your face when you felt his fingers return to your sex to play in your arousal. You yanked the dress off of you only to see Hyukwoo coming for your lips again. He kissed you so smoothly that you relaxed into the kiss. You felt his middle finger slip inside you and a pained whimper escaped your lips. "You have to relax." he whispered "It hurts a little." "If you don't relax it'll hurt more. Here, focus on this." You felt him bring your hands to his crotch where you could feel the buldge in his pants. You looked up at him, excitement in your eyes. The faint desire to put him in your mouth like you had seen in those pornos came to mind. You unzipped his pants and stuck your hand down his underwear. You could feel the solid length of him and flushed pink. You looked him in the eyes as you two toyed with the others most intimate parts. Weakness was over taking you, excitement had run through out your body draining you of the strength to withstand your cravings. You pushed his hand to the side and dipped your head down to his privates. You licked at his tip slowly, as if you were investigating his member, testing it's weak points. You looked up for a moment to see he looked flustered. Watching you do something erotic so shamelessly turned him on. He became harder and it seemed to stand even more at attention. His tip budded with precum as he twitched a little in your hand. "Wait." He said. You looked up at him. "Let's do it this way." He laid down on the bed and grabbed your legs and positioned your heat in front of his face. You felt his tongue meet your folds and his finger push inside of you moving slowly so that you could get used to the feeling. It was an amazing feeling that engulfed you, the sensations of pain and pleasure mixed together like a sultry potion. You licked at his member again, allowing your tongue to explore his shaft and test his length in your mouth. Your hand wrapped around his throbbing heat and moved up and down, spreading your saliva while you bobbed your head in a steady rhythm. It might've been ill advised, but you were doing what you had seen other girls do in pornos. You tried to give as much enthusiasm as possible, covering your teeth with your lips while you made sloppy wet sounds with your mouth. Hyukwoo was enjoying it: the taste of you, the feeling of his sex in your warm mouth, he enjoyed all of it. He felt your core pulse around his finger and found the opportunity to push a second finger inside of you. Your mouth stopped for a moment trying to adjust to having two fingers inside of you. Then the idea that his dick would soon be inside of you stirred your core. Butterflies swarmed your stomach and overwhelmed you heart and mind. You stopped sucking on him for a moment, "Hey, do it properly." He said. You continued sucking on him while you moaned on his length. His tongue moved relentlessly against your clit and wet filthy sounds filled the hotel room. Your mind was losing all reason, his fingers pushing inside of you were overthrowing any anxiety you had about your first time. You felt like you were going to collapse from the heat your body was producing. Hyukwoo moved your legs and slid from underneath you. He stood up and took his shirt off. He only pushed his pants down a little more to show more of his passion. He laid you down on your back after unstrapping your bra and then his lips latched onto your nipple, suckling at the hard buds one at a time. You writhed beneath him, your back arching up and your hands pushing his head to into your breast. He opened your legs wide for him and soon his tip found your entrance. He took it slow, inch by inch he eased himself deeper inside of you. You clung to him helplessly. Your fingernails dug into his skin and your scratches drove him deeper into his excitement. "Hyuk-Woo!" You moaned. He kissed your neck with each thrust, he sucked on your breast, bit your collar bone and ravished your lips. His movements became slightly more aggressive and the pain started to dissolve. Your mewls were low but so seductively innocent that they turned him on more. You cried his name while he moved in you. He lifted you up and slipped out of you to turn you around. Hyukwoo put you on all fours only to slide into you and then pulled you back up. He wrapped his arms around you, his hands massaging your plump breast and you two started to grind together. "Does it feel good?" He asked. His voice was so hot and steamy in your ears it only made your sex pulse around him even more. "Yes." You moaned. Over and over again you mewled affirmations to him, your body was overjoyed with your connection to Hyukwoo. Finally, you were able to be expressive about your feelings towards him, it was exhilarating. "I like you Y/N." He said through huffs. "I like you too." You cried. It was a beautiful collision, your ass backing into his lap while his sex prodded your heat. Sweat budded on his chest, your legs throbbed from the work out. He bent you over, your face in the pillows now as he rode you from behind. His hands were firm on your waist while he glided in and out of you. His pace slowed as he stirred you up on the inside, he moved his hips in a circle and then thrusted deep inside of you. "You sound so cute." He mused. You gripped at the pillows and bit your lip. "I don't think I can hold it anymore." He groaned. He moved faster drawing out slightly louder cries from you. You yanked at the bed sheets. Hyukwoo leaned over your body, his hand laid on top of yours and your fingers laced together. You turned your head to try and see a little and you felt him slip out of you while he kissed your lips. He groaned into the kiss and you felt hot drips on your buttocks before Hyukwoo finally fell down beside you. He was breathing heavy and his arm shadowed his face. "All- this time." He said to himself. "Hm?" You looked at him curiously as you reached back to feel what was on your butt. He turned his head, moving his arm just enough that his eyes were unveiled to you, "All this time you liked me. I thought you had a thing for Seonghwa." You stared at him for a moment and then started laughing. "Seonghwa? Why would you think I liked him?" "You're always with him and he's always- touching you." You patted his head while you laughed, "Silly Hyukwoo. Seonghwa is my cousin!" "What?" The hotel door open and you both heard a voice say, "Hey you two! It's time to get up it's the middle of the afterno-" You both looked at the door and saw Jay standing there in shock. He turned around and ran his hand through his hair, "Ah damn it, Seonghwa really is going to kill me." You both looked at each other and jumped out of the bed to get dressed and cleaned up. Jay might've been the reason you two ended up in the hotel but neither one of you wanted Seonghwa to find out about this... Boss Squad: @royalpandajedi @Fromblue2u @Queenpandabunny @marrickej33 @BBxGD @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @liyahboon Fans: @elishafisher @JaxomB @EXOahjummafan @StefaniTre @Yugykookie97 @dalenalw KISS Squad @BabydollBre, @QueenyCrossGene, and @BTSMicDrop Lip glosses @EXOahjummafan @Starbell808 @QueenPandaBunny @divanicola05 @MelindaL @MelissaGarza @yugykookie97 Shall we date Kpop? @royalpandajedi @ElishaFisher @WinKonVIP @lexxcisco @BtsXExo @Starbell808 @KoizuniHime19 @Msloyalheart @kpopanime45 @Kandle779 @MaritessSison @Elizabeth1234
히위고 나우! 뉴 잭 스윙 맛집 '기린'
뉴 잭 스윙이라는 조금 생소할 수 있는 장르로 많은 사람들의 고막을 사로잡은 랩퍼 '기린' 처음에는 지독한 컨셉충이구나.. 생각했지만 시간이 갈수록 점점 엄청난 작업물을 선보이는 뉴 잭 스윙계의 작고 앙증맞은 꼬마 요정이다. 저 작고 오똑한 코를 보면 귀엽게 띵-동-을 외치고 싶다...이쒸.. 자, 여기서 잠깐! 뉴 잭 스윙이란 무엇인가! 1980년대 후반부터 1990년대 초반까지 미국 알앤비 가수 겸 프로듀서 테디 라일리(TeddyRiley)가 주축이 되어 유행한 장르. 리듬 앤드 블루스에서 기인한 보컬, 힙합풍의 강한 리듬이 특징이다. 뭐 그렇다고 한다. 뉴 잭 스윙을 듣고 있으면 빠꾸없이 강렬하고 통통튀는 비트 속에서 뭔가 알 수 없는 과거의 향수가 느껴지고는 한다. 개인적으로 우리나라에서 가장 뉴 잭 스윙을 맛깔나게 소화하는 '기린' 솔직히 그를 대체할 수 있는 가수는 없다고 생각한다. 최근은 박재범과의 음악 작업을 통해 젊은이들 사이에서 더욱 유명세를 타고 있는 (나만의 생각) 그의 노래를 오늘 한 번 만나보자. 내가 이 카드를 쓰는 이유는 딱 하나다. 요즘 같은 날씨에 정말 잘 어울리기 때문이다. 자 스타트는 CITY BREEZE 기린의 음악은 반짝이는 청춘의 여름날을 떠올리게 한다. 이 음악을 듣고 고개를 끄덕이지 않을 사람이 어디 있을까? 만약 당신이 고개나 발로 박자를 맞추지 않는다면 당신은 심장이 없는 고장난 양철 나무꾼입니다. 곧 바로 다음 노래 SUMMER HOLiDAY('97 in Love) 지금 당장 바다로 달려가야 될 듯.. 여름 휴가 조또 뭐 없었는데 갑자기 아련한 한 여름밤의 꿈이 떠오르게 만드는 기억 조작곡이다.. 썸네일로도 느껴지는 그때 그 시절의 감성.. 청량감이 팍팍 터지는 리듬과 멜로디에 당신은 이미 양양 바다에 도착해있다. 그대여 이제 feat. 리듬파워 개인적으로 내 최애띵곡 그대여..이제... 이 노래를 들으면 20살이 떠오른다.. (아련) 젊고 지금보다 조금 더 귀여운 기린의 모습이 인상적이다. 나는 이때의 기린에게 빠져서 킄ㅋ쿸... 공연도 따라다니고,,,, 싸인도 받고.. 씨디도 사고..쿠쿸..... 꼭 한번 들어보이소 행주와 지구인의 쫀득쫀득한 랩핑 또한 킬링포인트니까. 뉴잭스윙 (feat.요요) 한 번만 들어보면 한동안 '뉴~잭수윙~'이 맴돌게 된다는 마성의 곡. 설교는 돼써! 간섭도 돼써허~!~! 난 이제 그런 가르침을 돼써허~!~! 이 부분은 꼰대를 만나면 나도 모르게 머릿속에서 자동재생된다. 정말 다시 느끼지만 기린처럼 그때 그 감성을 잘 살리는 사람은 드물다. 지겨워 조선시대 음악만 보존할게 아니라 기린을 무형문화재로 지정해서 근현대사의 무형문화재로 지정해아합니다. 라는 댓글을 보고 무릎을 쳤다. 기린이라는 인간에게는 근현대 음악사가 담겨있는 것이다. 심지어 이 곡은 자이언티가 참여했다. 기린은 힙합씬의 핵.인.싸가 아닐까? 오늘밤엔 (Feat. Ugly Duck) 자 기린의 올드스쿨 뮤비를 즐겼다면 이번에는 가장 최근에 발매된 '오늘밤엔'을 즐겨보자. 갑자기 느껴지는 짜릿한 자본주의의 맛. 뭔가 동묘의 곰팡이 냄새가 느껴졌던 기린에게서 이젠 멋진 향수냄새가 난다. 쏘 스윗한 박재범의 목소리와 담백한 기린, 쫀득하고 자극적인 어글리 덕의 조합 이 조합은 홍어+수육+김치 '삼합'이라 불러야한다. 춤추는 석사, 뉴 잭 스윙 주짓떼로, 의지의 아이돌, 노력의 힙합퍼, 효자를 꿈꾸는 예술가 기린.. 으르신들에게는 그때 그 시절의 추억을 절므늬들에게는 새로운 충격을 선물하는 그가 앞으로 우리에게 보여줄 수 많은 음악들을 기대하며.. 피스... ✌️