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The most popular Japanese knives

Real Japanese knives are attractive in each part of the world. Every person who tries to use them at least one time wants to share his experience with everyone. If you want to get the best quality at the smart price, you need to buy Japanese Chef Knives.

Why Japanese knives?

We can name three reasons why purchasing Japanese knives is the best decision among all your previous ideas:
1. Compared to all knives developed in other countries, the quality of Japanese models is better.
2. Manufacturers from the Land of the Rising Sun propose to you a wide diversity of blade geometries, steels and knife concepts.
3. Smart constructions. Classic knives have only one layer but Japanese manufacturers produce models with two and even three layers.
The interesting fact: Japanese knives are leaders in different contents. It isn’t surprising because users can choose the comfortable knife concept at lower prices.

The most popular Japanese knives

1. Santoku Knives. They are the best for meat, fish and vegetables. They can perform different tasks such as chopping, cutting and crumbling. These are really universal models with wide blades, light and narrow handles. Therefore, the center of gravity is slightly shifted forward. This makes it easier to work with the knife. Also knives from this manufacturer have sharper blades compared to others.
2. Nakiri Knife. Knives from this company are designed for cutting vegetables or noodle dough. But thanks to thoughtful construction these models can be used for any goal chef wants to achieve. The only exception is difficult to cut meat etc. Nakiri is similar to a hatchet or trapezoid with a wide rectangular blade by shape. This construction makes cutting products easy. And the special characteristic of these models is double-sided sharpening that is unique among different Japanese manufacturers.
3. Yanagiba Knife. These models are designed for cooking traditional Japanese dishes. But the unique construction of these knives allows cooks to use them for slicing ready meat or other meals. If you want to cook sushi, it is the best choice.
4. Gyuto Knife. This knife is similar to classic knives with a symmetrical blade profile. All models of this knife are big. Their length varies from 180 mm to 300 mm. We can name the ‘Japanese-style’ model that is called ‘Wa-Gyuto’.

What do we propose to you?

1. Low prices. You can easily find the necessary model of Japanese knives at the price you want.
2. Trading the certified goods.
3. Secure payments. All transactions are protected with SSL certificates and our internet-shop is highly encrypted.
4. Reliability. We have stores around the world. A lot of people trust us.
5. Constant assortment updates. We don’t trade obsolete goods. You can find new products in the special page on our website.
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