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Harvest Full Moon (18+)
Plot: Once upon a night the stars shined so bright, that even on a camp night, you were fooled to believe beautiful amber eyes were that of your best friend. Little did you know he was so much more… in more ways than one. Cast: You & Jackson Wang 18+ : Language, sensual content ______________________________________________ “Jiejie!~” I was hiking through the forest with my friends, and absentmindedly was becoming lost in the beauty of nature, until my best friend grabbed my arm. “Jiejie, didn’t you hear me calling you?” I blinked at him as he just crocked an eyebrow and gave me his sweet smile. I swear it only lets me see his true self. His smile was always so genuine when it was directed to me. Others only got a percentage of it, but I got the full thing. “Yah! Come on guys, we need to pick a campsite soon, it’s a full moon. Who knows what crazy shit will happen?” One of our friends said as they call out to us. I rested my hand on his shoulder, before breaking my arm free from his soft grasp. “Sorry for spacing, it's just so beautiful out here, but they are right, let’s help find a good campground.” Jackson nodded his head, before taking my hand from his shoulder and interlocking his fingers with mine. “Alright, but I’m holding this hand to make sure you don’t wander off like that again.” I giggled at his comment before we rejoin the group. Soon enough, around Dusk, we found out campgrounds, and set up our tents, and started a fire. I was setting up my tent best when Jackson barged inside with his sleeping bag. “Mind if I crash in your tent tonight?” I just sighed and shook my head, before snatching his sleeping bag away and setting it up. “You know I won’t say no to you. You’re like my guard puppy.” I smirked, before turning towards him and petting his head. He playfully pretended to the nipple at me, but I swore his eyes turn from their beautiful chocolate drops to a golden amber for a moment. “You know how I feel about you calling me a puppy.” I just stuck my tongue at him, before rejoining the group once again. We all had fun, roasting marshmallows, eating food we prep in a cooler, and drinking. We even started to telling ghost stories. When it was Jackson's turn, we were all pretty much wasted. So we would most likely believe anything at that moment. He told us a tail about how during a harvest moon, a wolf would roam the forest, in search of his pack, only after finding his mate. So that he would be able to return to them as a true Alpha. If he doesn’t, the pack would slater all those that he came within the forest. It sounded more like a fairy tale than a ghost story to me. Everyone started to talk about something else, as I got distracted once again by the beauty of nature. My site landed the massive orange full moon that dominated over the night sky, hiding behind the trees. I felt someone touch my hand and saw that it was one of the guys that I didn’t know because he was a friend of a friend. “The moon is very beautiful, but I think it’s nothing compared to you.” Chills ran down my spine when he gave me a creepy smile. Didn’t help that he smelt like booze either. I was about to pull away when someone yanked my free hand and pulled me up onto my feet. They then spun me around so smoothly that I landed softly into their chest. “Sorry man, but this sunshine is actually with me.” I realized the person that saves me from the creep was Jackson, making me smile to myself. I closed my eyes and relaxed while taking in his scent. He always smelt like cinnamon, apples, and amber wood. It was always so damn calming for me. I swear I was developing a crush on him, but I didn’t want to lose him, so I would never confess. I was snapped out of my trance though when I felt Jackson’s chest rumble a bit. “It’s all cool man, didn’t know you two were a thing. I heard you call her ‘Jeijei’, and since that’s mandarin for older sister, I thought you were family.” I turned to look at the creep, backing away with his hands held up in defense, yet his beer still in hand. “I call her that, because we’re childhood friends, didn’t think that would be a crime.” His body shook a bit as he chuckled. I looked up in time to see his eyes flash amber again. Jackson looked down at me, and smiled so warmly, before petting my head. “How about we go for a walk to sober up, y/n.” I was a bit stun to hear him say my name so informal for once, that all I could be nod my head. He removed his arm from around me and interlocked our fingers again. He led the way, as we walked into the dark forest. To my surprised, it wasn’t as dark as I expected, but that was thanks to the full moon. “I honestly thought I was going to have to punch that asshole.” I looked from the moon, to see Jackson being serious. He seems different and very angry, which was rare. He was always so happy around me, came to me when sad for comfort, but hide when anger. “He knew I was always by your side, yet he dares try to hit on you. So glad I’m staying in your tent. He creeps me out.” Jackson sighed heavily and ran his fingers through his hair after taking his cap off. “I’m glad too, for the same reason.” He instantly looked my way when I spoke up. He seems surprised I agreed so heavily with him. “My instincts told me something was wrong when he touches my hand.” I held up our laced fingers and smiled sweetly towards him. “This is the only hand that allows to touch me because you’re the only one I feel safe to be around right now.” Jackson’s eyes flashed away as his smile lite up his face. “Hey Jackson, can I asked you something?” His smile faded as his eyebrow raised, showing a confused expression. “Yeah, you can ask me anything always.” I pointed towards his eyes but then shook my head and looked away. “Never mind, I think the alcohol is playing with my vision.” I pulled my hand free and walked a little farther until I made it to a riverbank. “No, it’s not. There is something I actually need to tell you, Jeijei.” I turned around to see him hanging his head and his hand balled into a fist. “That story I told you is actually true.” He looked up and his eyes were glowing amber and staying like that. “Werewolves are real, and I am an Alpha’s son. I’m not allowed to return to my pack until I find my mate. The full moon actually does affect us because it makes the wolf side stronger. Resulting in being harder to hide that side.” He pushed his hair back, as he slowly took a step closer. I was lost in those amazing amber eyes to even take a step away from him. I was drunk enough to believe he was telling the truth. “I would rather be sober for me to say this, but this is the last chance I will have to rejoin my pack. Since I’m 26 now, and my father would have to pick a new hire if I fail again.” Jackson reached out to brush a loose strain of my hair behind my ear. “At first, I just wanted to be free, and grow my career, but I can’t deny it anymore. I found my soul mate a long time ago, just hid it from the world.” I closed my eyes and rested my cheek into his hand. “Are you even listening to my confession?” He chuckled, making me look up at him to see that wonderful smile. “Yes, you’re telling me you’re a werewolf, and I’m your soulmate. This has to be that dream I’ve been having on repeat though. Cause it’s the only time you confess to me, and know I love you like a woman loves a man.” I whimpered in pain when Jackson moved his hand to pinch my cheek. When I stop wincing, he lean in forward and smirked. “You love me? Why didn’t you say so sooner? I would of show you this side sooner and made you mine permanently.” I went into shock as sober from realizing this was real. His smirk show his teeth had become sharper too. “Give me permission to make you mine, you already know how loyal I am. Plus, my mother raised me to treat my mate as the queen that she is.” I finally took a step back as I looked around us. Jackson started to strip in front me, shocking me back into frozen mode. “I’ll even prove it, since I’m already unconditionally loyal to you.” His body heat radiated off his skin in smoke before hair rapidly grew out and bones cracked. Soon enough a giant wolf on two free stood before me. I stumble backwards, and nearly fell into the river, until a paw caught me, and rested on my back. His eyes were back to chocolate drops, and his breath was so warm against my skin. He started to sniff at me, making me giggle at how much it tickled. Jackson’s jet-black wolf form pulled in close to his soft fur covered body, after licking my cheek. He felt so warm and soft that I couldn’t help being relax into his embrace. Which I did until I felt something hard and warm pressing against my stomach. I squeaked and jump out of his arms when I noticed it was his hard member. My hands cover my mouth as I stared at him in awe. It was huge which made me wonder how he worked it. Jackson seem to have become shy and try to turn around, but I grabbed his arm lightly and stopped him. “So are you hard like that, because of me?” I pointed down towards his shaft, as he licked my cheek and nuzzled my cheek, making it his way of saying yes. I reached out to glaze my fingers over the tip, earning a soft growl from him. That one single noise along as me feeling weak in the knees. Jackson turned human, and was not standing in front me, naked, whilst holding me close to him. “Don’t touch unless you want to be mine, missy.” I just gawked at the naked and well-built young man before me, that I call my best friend. My shock finally faded as I realized something. All of this was LEGIT. Jackson was standing naked in front of me, after becoming a wolf man. Not only that he was confessing to me. So if the story he told was true… I looked down at me feet as I process all of this finally. A howl from near by caught both our attention. I wonder if that was from his pack he mention, and when I glanced at him, I could see his sad facial expression. I turned to face him and tilt my head to the side. “Words Jackson. I can read your emotions yes, but not your mind.” I crossed my arms, as he looked up at me with sadden eyes. “Wolves call their soulmates just simply mate, and my pack just heard me say that I found you.” Jackson rubbed the back of his head and looked away as he explain the situation. “They just reported it to the Alpha, and my father is going to make me force you into being mine in front of the pack. That’s something I’m not comfort doing since you’re someone dear to me.” He looked back at me, as I just blinked at him. “Force me? How?” Jackson moved to at least put his boxers back on, before coming to stand closer. “Unless you agree to be my girlfriend right now and allow me to leave my wolf mark on you. Which is more painless” Jackson looked around before speaking, again. “Alpha, aka Dad, will come here with the rest of the pack, and use his Alpha word to make me force my self on you. Since I haven’t taken power, that will work on me, and I don’t want to force you into having sex with me to distract you from my mark.” My jaw dropped from what he just said. I wasn’t a virgin, since well I accidently already head my first time with Jackson on a heavily drunk night. Yet, they would go to that extreme. “So what really happens if I say yes?” A spark seem to have appear before he smile as bright as the moon light. “If you say yes, I will how say in how we go about the marking.” He brushed my hair off my shoulder, exposing the nape of my neck that he was eyeing. “I will slowly leave my mark on you until my fangs each the bonding pressure point, right about here.” His fingers traced up the nape of my neck, before resting behind my head. Our eyes were lock and I swear I could see the passion and love he had in them. “Then when you were ready at a later date, we can complete the bond at our own pace and alone.” My body moved on its own, as my arms wrapped around his neck. “Jackson? When did you really know I was your ‘mate'. ” I did quotation finger gesture behind his head when a spoke. I hick though, when his warm and soft hands rested on my hips. “Since the day I met you at that house party. Its why I was secretly fighting off guys, and resulted in our hot and heavy first night.” Jackson winked at me before pressing our foreheads together. “I’m really glad you’re not freaking out over this.” He had closed his eyes as a soft smile remain on his relaxed expression. “It makes more sense this way.” Jackson’s eyes shot open and raised an eyebrow. I just giggled at his reaction and ran my fingers through is hair. “You love it when I play with your hair. You eyes always seem to change color and now I know its not me losing it or being exhausted. Plus you’re always over heating body wise.” It was Jackson’s turn to laugh before he peck my nose. “Okay all of that did give it away it seems but playing with someone’s hair shouldn’t count. You love it when I return the favor too.” I couldn’t deny that because I really did love when he play with my hair. Heck he even volunteer to brush and braid it once. I place my hands on his face and pulled him into a soft kiss. He growl, shaking his entire being, when I kissed him. His grip on my hips tighten and pushed me away. Jackson shook his head before leaving it to hang. Howling from a far was closing in, making him sigh heavily. “Jackson, I don’t want to lose you, that’s why I didn’t tell you, my feelings for you are mutual.” I grabbed his forearms and moved in closer, as his eyes got bigger. “Please, mark me. I can’t see my world without you. I don’t want to lose you ever.” It felt like I release Jackson’s collar, before his eyes instantly became right amber, and he smoothly knocked me down onto the ground. Making sure my head didn’t hit the ground at all as he tower me. “I will give you only one last chance to back out…” I cut him off by crushing my lips on his own. He growl again, making his body tremble, but this time he didn’t hold back. Jackson finally return the kiss, slipping his tongue into my mouth to deepen the kiss and start a tongue war. My fingers interlaced themselves in Jackson’s hair, as his hands explored all my curves and edges. I gasped through when one hand found its way under my bra, and the other in my panties. A whimper escape my lips when his fingers started to play with my sensitive nubs. He broke the kiss to have his lips travel towards my neck, leaving me in a mental cloud of ecstasy. I ended up holding my breath for a moment when I felt something sharp gliding along my skin on my shoulder. I just took a deep breath to relax once I felt his tongue glide around my shoulder. When I was able to look down at us, I had no idea he already practically stripped me from my clothes. The fog of pleasure was still in charge, but it was a bit sober to see I was in only my underwear. My shorts around my ankles and my shirt over my breast. I used my other hand to press my fingers into his back, earning a growl-like groan from him. Feel the animalic vibrates from him against my body just made me want him even more. I moved my hips against him and was greeted by his rock-hard member, that broke free from his boxers. My anxiety triggered from the thought of us making love out in the open, and I swear he felt it too. Cause he stop kissing my body, pulled back, and petted my head softly. “Shhh, this is why I have you still somewhat cloth. To give you some kind of comfort.” I started to calm down, as he glided two fingers along my womanhood. “I was gentle last time, right? I’ll be gentle this time too.” I couldn’t help but smile, before he kissed me again to distract me from him and I becoming one once again, but more sober. I closed my eyes and enjoy the sensation of him deep inside of me. It felt so damn right that I didn’t care if it was wrong. Something sharp glided along my shoulder once again, but for some reason, I didn’t feel panic from the idea of pain. Jackson really was doing his best to be gentle with me. I just play with his hair, as he started to move his hip, sending small waves of pleasure through my body, before he pierced my skin with his teeth. His hand moved fast and covered my mouth, as the wave of burning pain instantly replaced the pleasure. I scream into his hand in agony, confused as to why my entire body was on fire. Once his tongue rolled over where he sank his teeth, turning the pain into pleasure in a matter of seconds. My body was on fire for a whole different reason now. We looked into each other’s eyes before Jackson pecked my lips and started to move in and out a bit harder. It was as if he could read what my body wanted. He even found my soft spot, and kept working it, until my back was arch, and my screams were moans of pure pleasure. Jackson never stop kissing me all over, even after we hit both our climaxes. He held me close in his arms as he kissed me all over my face. “I’m sorry.” He whisper softly before pulling out and covering me in more kisses. Once he was done, he pulled back to look at my shoulder. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just wanted to please you, and make you mine completely.” I looked over at my shoulder and saw my faint marks that looked like teeth. “It’s how an Alpha’s mark their mate. It’s like a wolf marriage.” I blinked at him a for a bit before I realized he said marriage. “Wait… So we’re married now?” Jackson nodded and kissed my head, before helping me fix my bra and shirt. “In a way, yes. To my pack, we are married, but to the world, we’re just boyfriend and girlfriend.” He smiled softly making me melt underneath him. When I looked into his eyes this time, the amber was gone and was replaced with a rich red. “My sweet Alpha.” I brushed my fingers along his cheek and peck his nose. “I am proud to be your wolfy wife.” We both chuckle at my comment before we got fully dressed. I froze when I noticed we were surrounded by massive wolves. They all howl to the full moon, then seem to bow towards us. “Y/N noona, meet my pack.” He wrapped his arms around me from behind, to give me a back hug. “Everyone I will bring her by after we are done camping without friends. For now, thank you for the welcome.” They all nodded before heading back towards the deep woods. I looked up at him and peck his cheek. “Can we go back to the others now?” Jackson nodded his head before we took each other’s hands and went back to the campground to get some sleep. 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영화 <마녀> 이런저런 설정 정보 모음
((스포 있음)) 1. 마녀는 처음부터 시리즈물로 기획되었음 넷플릭스에서 관심을 보여 몇 부작으로 할지 논의 등을 했는데 피드백이 느려 결국 다른 제작사와 계약하게 됨 2. 마녀2의 부제는 <충돌: collision> 3. 닥터백 캐릭터는 원래 남자였음 제작사 측 제안으로 조민수 배우가 캐스팅됐는데, 조민수 배우가 원래 대본 말투가 좋으니 변경하지 말아달라 해서 원래 남자캐릭터로 설정됐던 대사 그대로 연기하게 됨 4. 귀공자는 원래 이종석 배우 역할이었음 (시즌2에 특출한다고 함) 5. 명희의 대사는 감독님이 직접 고등학생들이 다니는 버스정류장을 찾아 다니며 대화를 듣고 충격받아 쓰신 것 (기차에서 귀공자한테 욕 날리는 씬은 고민시 배우 애드리브) 6. 귀공자는 원래 좀 더 까칠하고 주사를 많이 맞아 백발인 설정이었는데 최우식 배우 이미지와 맞지 않아 설정이 변경됨 7. 마녀는 애초에 청불을 생각하고 만든 작품인데 ‘영상물등급위원회’에서 15세 판정을 내림 (판타지 요소 때문이라고 함) 8. 마녀 연구소는 전세계에 7곳 시즌1 마지막 장면 닥터백 동생이 있는 곳도 원래 설정상 태국인데 제작비 부족 문제로 제주도에서 촬영했고 설정도 바뀜 9. 감독님 왈 시리즈물이 잘 되면 각 캐릭터별 솔로무비도 만들고 싶다고 함 (귀공자, 긴머리, 닥터백 등등) 10. 귀공자가 자윤에게 가장 부러워했던 것은 ‘이름’ (자윤은 일반 가정에서 자라며 이름이 생겼지만 다른 캐릭터들은 이름 없이 애칭뿐이다) 감독님 피셜 <마녀>는 이름을 가지고 싶어하는 아이들의 이야기 11. 마녀 프로젝트는 닥터백 동생이 설계한 것 동생이 닥터백보다 더 높은 위치에 있고, 더 똑똑하다 10년 전 닥터백이 아이들을 다 폐기하라고 했을 때 동생이 아이들 몇 명을 빼돌렸음 닥터백 동생은 아이들에게 애정을 갖는 인물 12. 최우식 배우는 속편에 대해 이렇게 말했다 “제가 부활 가능성이 있겠네요. 한 연구실 속 유리관에 갇힌, 눈을 감고 산소마스크를 낀 채로 귀공자가 다시 태어난다면 말이죠. 감독님이 제게 같이 하자는 말씀은 아직 안하셨죠. 그래도 '마녀' 옆에 누군가가 있어야겠다는 생각은 들어요. 그게 제가 되었으면 합니다” 13. 속편에서는 또 다른 능력자들이 등장할 예정 감독님 피셜 분명한 건 지금까지의 자윤의 상대보다는 더 업그레이드된 캐릭터들이고, 이것이 다음 편 부제를 ‘충돌’이라고 한 이유라고 함 출처ㅣ디씨인사이드 김다미 갤러리
[아.모.르] 한국어 라임의 예술가
안녕하세요! 주변정리를 마치고 돌아온 optimic입니당! 정말 정신이 하나도 없는 6월을 보내고 돌아왔습...니다... 다행스럽게도 와이프님은 수술 잘 하고 회복을 했고, 딸내미는 잘 크고 있고, 저는 새 직장에서 열심히 돈을 벌고 있습니당! (아. 자동차 문짝도 전부 새로 갈았군용...) 그래서 이제 다시 돌아와서 제가 또 소개해드리고 싶은 뮤지션을 말씀드리기 위해! 돌아왔습니당... 오랜만에 온 만큼! 길게 말하지 않고 바로 소개해드릴게요! 오랜만에 말투도 바꾸고... -------------------------- 있지도 않은 온[갖 보화] 따라왔네, scene의 [과포화] 메[타포와] 플로우 따위 흑형 거 냅[다 퍼 와] [일시적 리스너], [잠재적 래퍼] 또 다른 이름, [인스트루멘탈 콜렉터] [약 빤 척] [맛 간 척] [흐느적]거려 [반쪽짜리] 힙합만 [판쳤지] [감쪽같]이 [감췄던] 역한 [냄새] 노란색 흑인 [행세], 좀 닥쳐, 영혼 없는 마이크에 대한 [맹세] 라임. 영어로는 rhyme 또는 rime이라고 한다. 같은 모음을 사용할 때 생성되는 유사한 발음 또는 리듬을 이용한 수사법을 말한다. 쉽게 말하면 다른 뜻이고 다른 단어지만, 비슷한 발음으로 운율을 맞춰 가사에서 리듬감과 박자감을 주기 위한 언어유희적 장치다. 모두가 한국에서 가사적으로 스킬풀한 힙합은 성공할 수 없다고 했다. 가장 큰 이유는 영어에 비해 한국어는 문장의 시작과 끝이 명확하며, '~다', '~요' 등 끝맺음을 맺는 단어들이 정해져 있기 때문이다. 그렇기 때문에 힙합, '랩' 이라는 가사의 필수요소인 '라임' 이라는 것을 한국어로는 담아낼 수 없다고 했다. 이 때 언더그라운드에서는 한국어로 영어만큼 완벽하고 테크니컬한 라임을 만들기 위해 노력에 노력을 거듭했고, 결국 오늘날 한국어로 만들어진 뛰어난 가사들과 그 가사들을 뱉는 뮤지션들의 초석이 된 '라임론' 을 만들기에 이르렀다. 라임론을 만든 뮤지션. 한국 힙합의 발전에 거대한 초석을 세운 사람. 한국어 라임의 예술가. [아.모.르] 오늘의 주인공. P-TYPE(피타입 a.k.a Big cat) 안녕! 오늘은 알 만한 사람은 알고 모르는 사람은 전혀 모를 거 같은, 요즘 세대에게는 옛날 사람으로 통하는 뮤지션을 가져왔어. 지금 20대 후반 이상의 나이인 친구들 중 힙합을 좋아하는 사람이라면 한 번쯤은 이름을 들어봤을만한, 아니면 음악을 접해봤을만한 피타입이야! 사실 나는 피타입의 엄청난 팬이야. 나는 음악을 들을 때 가사를 굉장히 중요하게 생각하고, 그 가사의 의미들을 곱씹어보며 몇 번씩 음악을 듣는 걸 좋아해. 특히 힙합에서는 독특하고 멋진 라임이라던가 은유, 시적인 가사들에 숨겨진 의미나 스킬을 찾아내는 것도 굉장히 좋아하고. 그런 면에서 피타입의 음악은 나에게는 보물찾기나 퍼즐과도 같은 느낌이었어. 피타입-돈키호테(Feat. 휘성) (고등학생 때 처음 듣고 '랩'이라는 장르에 대한 나의 생각을 뒤집어버린 곡) 내가 뱉은 시 한편에 어둠이 [걷히]리라 [거친] 한마디 파도를 일으[킨다] 한 송이 불[꽃이] 되어 세상 위에 [핀다] 더 높이 [오르리라] 잊혀진 [오늘이란] 자신도 모를 이 날인지 나 이 세상의 한 가운데 이를 날에 [칭송 받으리] 초라한 이름 아래 [지샌 밤어디] 들꽃 잎새에 [이슬 가두니] 붉어진 내 인생에 난 [입술 맞추리] (괄호 친 부분은 라임이 들어간 부분) 고등학생 때 처음 피타입의 가사집을 보면서 큰 충격을 받았고, 밤새 가사를 하나하나 쓰면서 거기에 숨겨진 라임 배열이나 은유적 장치들을 찾아냈지. (부모님은 늦게까지 공부하는 줄 알고 굉장히 좋아하셨고, 나는 '이것도 국어공부의 일환이다' 라고 생각하면서 자기합리화를 했던 기억이...) 그리고 나도 피타입처럼 시적이고, 기술적인 가사나 글을 쓰고 싶다는 생각을 강하게 해서, 국어 공부'만' 열심히 하고, 국어국문학과를 갔던 기억이 나. 내 이야기는 그만하고, 피타입의 이야기를 해볼게. 피타입은 버벌진트, 가리온, 드렁큰타이거 등과 더불어 한국 힙합의 발전에 대해 이야기할 때 절대 빠지지 않는 인물 중 하나야. 피타입의 랩 스타일은 플로우보다 가사와 라임을 중시하는 스타일이며, 가사 한가득 빼곡하게 라임을 때려박는 걸로 유명해. 라임 몬스터라는 별명도 있지. 피타입은 어릴 때부터 뮤지션이었던 아버지(드러머 강윤기 씨)의 영향을 받아 항상 음악과 친근하게 지내며 자랐어. 그렇게 음악을 듣고 즐기던 피타입은 어느 날 음악의 안으로 뛰어들어 음악을 '하면서' 즐기는 사람이 되기로 마음먹었고, 나이를 먹어가며 흑인음악에 심취하게 돼 힙합 뮤지션의 길을 걷게 됐어. 여담이지만 피타입의 아버지인 강윤기씨는 우리나라 드러머 1세대로, 김창완밴드에서 현재까지도 드럼을 맡고 있어. 나훈아, 남진, 패티김, 이미자와 같은 그 당시 기라성같은 뮤지션들과 작업을 했고, '한국 힙합' 의 역사에 피타입이 있듯, '한국 드럼'의 역사에 강윤기가 있다고 할 정도야. 피타입이 언더그라운드에 처음 발을 들여놓았을 때, 언더 힙합씬에서는 '한국어 라임' 에 대한 치열한 연구와 토론이 이어지고 있었어. 그 시절 '서태지와 아이들', '듀스', 'DJ DOC' 등 힙합 뮤지션들의 가사가 모두 문장의 끝부분만 맞추는 것을 라임이라고 생각하며 노래를 만들었고, 그것조차 대단한 것이라고 생각했던 시절이었지. 난 내 삶의 끝을 본 적이 있[어] 내 가슴 속은 답답해졌[어] (서태지와 아이들- come back home) 이렇게 끝부분의 단어만 같은 단어로 맞추기만 해도 그 당시에는 꽤나 의미있는 시도였고, 음악계 및 힙합, 심지어 국문학 쪽의 교수진에서도 이런 종류의 라임이 한국어로는 뽑아낼 수 있는 최대한의 시도라고 생각했었어. 이 때 피타입은 버벌진트와 함께 '라임론' 이라는 것을 제시해. 이 라임론으로 당시 성균관대 모 교수와 논쟁을 벌이기도 했어. 우선 국어의 문법은~가/~을/~했다 이런 식으로 끝나는데 앞에서 강조하는것보다 뒤에서 강조하는 게 리듬이 더 잘 살기 때문에 라임은 문장의 끝에 박는 게 정석이다. 그렇게 되면 우리 국어로서는 ~했다 이부분밖에 라임을 넣을 수밖에 없다 그러면 다양한 라임이 나올 수 없죠... 라는 성균관대 교수의 입장에 피타입은 분명 그냥 글을 쓰는 거라면 그럴 수밖에 없다. 그러나 4분의 4박자 사이에서 스네어에 문장의 처음이 올지 끝이 올지는 래퍼만이 안다. 문장의 어디를 스네어에 배치시키느냐가 래퍼의 역량이다. 라고 반박을 했어. 문장 하나를 전부 가사의 한 마디로 보는 게 아닌, '초성, 중성, 종성' 으로 나눠서 문장 속 단어 하나하나를 본인이 원하는 곳에 배치시키고 박자에 배치시켜 라임을 만들어낸다는 거였지. 그리고 피타입은 2004년 자신의 정규 1집 'Heavy Bass' 에서 본인의 라임론을 증명했지. 피타입 1집 수록곡 - 언어의 연주가 난 노래하는 [동안], 당신을 인[도할] [고함]을 [토한]다. 나만의 [견고]한 규칙이 창[조한] [또 하]나의 [조화]. [나는] 매[마른] 것들과는 처음부터 그 차원이 [다른] 문자들의 조합을 찾기 위해 [고민한다]. [조밀한 간]격 속에 살아 숨 쉬는 가사를 [봉인한다] 가사를 보면 문장의 끝에만 라임이 있는 것이 아닌, 문장의 처음, 중간, 끝에 들어가는 모든 단어들에 라임을 배치하고, 저 부분을 랩 스킬적으로 강조하면서 리듬감을 극대화했어. 이 앨범은 국내 힙합 역사, 아니 한국 대중음악 역사상 손에 꼽을 정도로 충격적인 등장이었는데, '라임' 이라는 평론가, 전문가, 리스너들의 생각을 아예 송두리째 뒤집어버린 앨범이었기 때문이야. 피타입의 랩 스타일은 호불호가 많이 갈리는데, 피타입을 별로 좋아하지 않는 사람들은 그의 라임이나 가사적 스킬은 인정하지만, 플로우 자체가 염불을 외우는 듯한, 불경 플로우라고 평가절하 하기도 해. 피타입은 어느정도 그 말에 동의를 하지만, 본인의 주특기인 라임을 있는대로 때려박는 스타일에 이 플로우가 가장 잘 어울리고, 가장 잘 들려줄 수 있기 때문에 이렇게 선택을 했다고 해. 거기다 피타입은 음악에서 랩을 하는 래퍼는 자신의 목소리가 '하나의 드럼'이다 라고 생각을 하기 때문에, 박자감을 극대화할 수 있는 톤으로 랩을 하는거야. 실제로 음악에서 드럼이 박자를 맞춰주고 음악을 이끄는 반면, 피타입의 음악은 피타입의 목소리가 박자를 이끌어가는 모습도 볼 수 있어. 피타입의 1집은 어마어마한 호평을 받았고, 수많은 래퍼들에게 하나의 교과서로 불리며, 힙합음악을 하고싶은 사람들은 꼭 한 번 들어야 할 앨범이 됐어. 그리고 그 다음 앨범. 2집 the vintage. 이 앨범 또한 평론가, 리스너들에게 어마어마한 수작이라는 호평을 받았어. 당시에는 혁신적이었지. 전자기기로 음악을 녹음하여 마스터링을 거친 음악이 아닌, 7,80년대 전통적인 밴드들의 녹음 방식인 밴드 세션을 이용해 직접 연주를 해 녹음하고, 그 위에 '랩' 을 얹은 방식이었어. 그 당시 음악들. 서정적이며 감성적이고, 아날로그적인 음악에 랩을 하는 그의 시도는 또 다시 충격을 몰고 왔고, 현직으로 활동하는 뮤지션들과 70년대를 주름잡았던 드러머, 기타리스트들이 함께 음악을 만들었다는 것 또한 큰 의미가 있었어. 개인적으로 가장 좋아하는 앨범 중 하나야. 앨범 전 곡을 피타입의 아버지인 강윤기 드러머가 직접 드럼을 쳐 녹음을 했어. 타이트한 라임 배치는 당연하고. 피타입 - 비를 위한 발라드 지금으로 따지면 '레트로' 장르에 한 획을 그었을 명반이었고, 판매량도 나쁘지 않았지. 그러나 회사와의 불공정 계약 때문인지 피타입은 좀처럼 가난에서 벗어나지 못했고, 1집이 나왔을 때부터 막노동부터 시작해서 그 당시 데뷔를 앞둔 2NE1의 랩 선생님까지 하면서 음악을 만들었어.(그래서 연관 검색어에 CL 랩 스승이라는 단어가 있기도 했지) 그러다가 어느 날 피타입은 음악에 회의를 느꼈다고 해. '아무리 명반, 선구자, 전설 타이틀을 얻어도 배고픔에서 쉽게 벗어나지 못한다' 는 생각과, 열악해져가는 음악 시장에 큰 회의를 느낀 피타입은 음악을 그만두고 작은 디자인 회사에 취직해 일을 하기 시작했어. 밤낮으로 일을 한 덕에 제법 이름이 있는 외국계 회사로 이직한 피타입은 그 후 음악을 하면서 진 빚은 모두 갚았다고 해. 그리고 마음에 여유가 생기니 다시 음악을 하고 싶은 생각이 간절해졌고, 때마침 가리온, 넋업샨, 마이노스, 라임어택, 션이슬로우 등 1세대 굵직한 래퍼들이 포함된 불한당 크루에서 피타입에게 함께 하자는 제안을 했어. 그렇게 오래간만에 마이크를 잡게 된 피타입은 한국힙합에 길이 남을 랩을 하게 됐어. 불한당 크루 - 불한당가 (피타입 파트) [불한당가], [불안감과] 억[울한 밤 따]위 [금한다 따]분한 감각[들 아까운가]? [그맘 다 안다], [그만 간봐] 붉은 물[든 한강과] 남산 자락[들, 안방같]은 서울[거리], 놀이판 [벌인] 불한당, 답[을 안단다] 용들 [꿈틀한다] 따[분한 판 바][꿀 한방같]은 노래 받아라, [불한당가] 뒤집어, 궁[금한 다음 카드] 보고 싶었던 걸 볼테니 자리 지켜 [그 만담같]은 노랜 내 불 붙은 볼펜이 태우지 [가끔 한밤], 다급하게 날 찾는 [북소리] 혼이 듬[뿍 서린] [그 소리], [불한당가] 봐라, [금마차를 탄] 비[굴한 탐관]오리 같은 [자들] 볼기[짝을] 때려 붙[잡을] 순간이 왔다 이제 [불한당과] 가자, 뭣[들 한당가] 준비된 불한당들의 놀이판, 그래, 불한당과 함께라면 넌 불한당 이제 같이 불러라, 불한당가 따라와, 자 ,불한당과 달려라 그대 불한당과 함께라면 넌 불한당 이제 같이 불러라, 불한당가 [ ]친 부분은 전부 라임이야. 사실상 모든 랩에 라임이 들어가있다고 해도 과언이 아닐 정도야. 나는 대학생 때 이 랩을 듣고 충격에 충격을 받아서, 피타입 부분만 갖고 국문과 담당 교수님과도 이 가사를 분석하면서 감탄했던 기억이 나. 불한당가는 평론가들에게 있어서 '피타입의 고집과 라임론을 완벽하게 증명해낸 가사' 라고 불렸고, 엄청난 호응을 받았어. [아.모.르] 한국 힙합의 뿌리깊은 나무, 개척자, 선구자 불한당가에 관한 내용은 앞서 리뷰했던 'MC메타' 편에서 자세히 이야기했으니, 궁금하면 참고해 봐도 좋을 거 같아! 그리고 그렇게 다시 돌아와 꾸준히 작업과 활동을 이어나간 피타입은 2015년 4집인 'Street Poetry'를 발매했고, 이 앨범은 2015년 최고의 앨범이라는 찬사를 받았어. 곡 하나하나가 버릴 게 없는 피타입식 음악의 정점이라고 볼 수 있는 음반이라고 개인적으로 생각해. 피타입 - 돈키호테2 "그저 시간이 좀 흐른 것뿐 계절이 몇 번 오간 것뿐 같은 밤, 같은 vibe, 같은 rhyme 가끔 난 옛 노래를 부르며 생각해 변해버린 거리가 낯 설 때 같은 vibe, 같은 rhyme 노래 불러 끝날 땐 내 꿈에 닿게" 피타입의 가장 큰 장점이라면 역시 쉴 새없는 라임의 폭격이겠지만, 나는 '장르의 다양성' 이라고 생각해. 랩이라는 스킬을 재즈, 올드팝, 힙합, 컨트리 음악, 가장 대중적인 요즘 음악에까지 거부감 없이 담아내는 그 능력이 피타입을 '거장'의 반열에 올려놓지 않았을까? 피타입의 가사는 상당히 시적이고 철학적인 부분이 많아. 거기다 '여기서 이런 단어를?' 이라고 생각이 들 정도의 단어 배치도. 피타입은 성균관대 철학과를 졸업했고, 아이큐 150이 넘는 천재라고 해. 멘사 회원이라고 하니 뭐 말 다했지... 재능과 천재성이 만난 케이스... 거기다 성균관대 미식축구부에서도 활동했지. 운동도 잘하네... 부럽... 한 때는 잠시 음악을 떠났지만, 타고난 재능과 노력, 뚝심으로 자신만의 확고한 분야를 개척했고, 힙합이라는 황무지를 맨손으로 개간해 지금의 풍요로운 땅으로 만들어낸 남자. 모두가 안된다고 했을 때. 스스로 연구해 '되는 길'을 뚫어버린 남자. 비록 쇼미더머니에 나가 신경다발 형님으로 불리며 불구덩이에 떨어졌지만... 그래도 클래스는 영원하듯, 여전히 강렬한 라임을 보여주는 라임의 예술가, 한국 힙합의 선구자. 피타입(P-Type). 이상으로 오늘의 [아.모.르], 피타입에 대한 이야기를 마칠게. 시를 공부하거나, 글을 쓰거나, 글쓰기에 관심있는 사람이라면, 꼭 피타입의 음악들을 들어보길 바라. 나도 피타입의 음악들이 글쓰기에 정말 도움이 많이 됐거든. 생각의 전환을 할 수 있달까...? 물론 그런 게 아닌 '뮤지션' 피타입의 가치도 충분하니까, 다들 꼭 한 번 들어보길 바라!! 마지막으로 내가 좋아하고 모두 좋아할 만한 피타입의 노래 한 곡을 소개하면서 이만 줄일게! 다음 글에도 읽으러 와 줘! 제발! 피타입 - 게으르으게 (Lazyyy) (Feat. 거미)