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Teen romance The Fault in Our Stars topped the weekend box office, which is no surprise given the popularity of the original novel by John Green. That means it's time to imagine how it might look as a K-drama! Given the popularity of tragic K-drama melodramas, this story is an excellent example of a plot that would work well as an adapted K-drama. K-dramas have many cancer stories involving adults, but teen shows tend to be more upbeat and cheerful. The Fault in Our Stars would be a great chance to adapt a serious teen story. In our imaginary casting, here's who we would choose for this show: Hazel: Kim So Hyun I'm a firm believer that teen shows should cast people who actually look young enough to be teenagers (Sorry Heirs, but nobody believed that Lee Min Ho was still in high school). Kim So Hyun is only 15 right now, but she already has an impressive drama background that includes playing the younger versions of Lee Bo Young, Kim Min Seo, and Yoon Eun Hye. She could pull from the sarcasm of her character in I Hear Your Voice and the emotion of her character in I Miss You to produce Hazel's complexity. Augustus: Yeo Jin Goo 16-year-old Yeo Jin Goo has costarred with Kim So Hyun twice: first in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and then in I Miss You. In the latter drama, the chemistry between these two leads proved that they were more than ready to move out of "child actor" roles and into the starring spotlight. Besides, even though he's young, he already knows how to capture the charisma and passion necessary for this sweeping romance: Isaac: Park Ji Bin In case some of you missed it, Jan Di's little brother from Boys over Flowers is all grown up! The 19-year-old has already won multiple awards as a child actor, so he's ready to take on more central roles. He would be able to carry Isaac's humor, frustration, and never-ending friendship. Peter van Houten- Kim Chang Wan Kim Chang Wan is a veteran actor, playing heartfelt characters in dramas from Coffee Princeto My Love from Another Star. While he often plays kind grandfather types, he has the ability to bring a sense of devastation and heartbreak to his roles. Frannie Lancaster: Kim Nam Joo Kim Nam Joo carried the weight of Queen of Reversals and Queen of Housewives on her very capable shoulders. She is old enough to play a convincing parent to a teenager, and she would bring the mother's anguish to life. Michael Lancaster: Lee Sung Min Hazel's father is a minor role compared to her mother, but Lee Sung Min would be great as the supportive father who treats his daughter with care and respect.