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The bad boys of BEAST are back with their highly anticipated sixth mini-album, Good Luck. Hype and excitement over BEAST’s return rose after a long, long week of individual “Good Luck” music video teasers. Fans anxiously waited for the official release, expectations running high after the immediate success of their pre-release single “No More,” which topped the charts less than a day after it was released on June 9. And it looks like Good Luck was well worth the wait. BEAST showcases a variety of musical elements in the EP’s titular single, “Good Luck,” incorporating R&B and electronic sounds that result in a fun dance track. BEAST’s intense choreography (which they’ve called their most demanding routine yet) is just as powerful and impressive as the electronic beats on the track. “Good Luck” follows a man who bitterly wishes his ex-girlfriend happiness with her new lover. The MV intro alludes to a story of sex, murder, and mystery — heavily inspired by the 2004 Hong Kong-Chinese film, 2046. The neon lights and sexy street style paired with intricate dance routines is oddly reminiscent of our favorite boy bands of yesteryear. BEAST’s new image and the dark meaning behind the lyrics (“You have to be happier, as much as all the pain that you’ve left me with.”) gives “Good Luck” a more mature edge, making it stand out from the rest of this year’s summer releases. Check out the “Good Luck” MV below! Did BEAST live up to the hype? Take a look at the album’s killer track list below! Track List: BEAST 01. We up BEAST 02. Good Luck BEAST 03. Dance With U BEAST 04. 이젠 아니야 BEAST 05. History BEAST 06. 이 밤 너의 곁으로 BEAST 07. Sad Movie (Korea Ver.)