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Sina: it has been almost a year since the last time that CNBLUE arrived in Shanghai for the concert, this time, there is something special? What will they do during their free time while world abroad? CNBLUE: is final and there is no changes between this year and last year concert. I hope that everyone could concentrate on our stages this time, it will be a different feeling. Before our concert, we bought us a bottle of whisky before coming china; We had planned a drink before going to sleep, how relaxing aid and to have a good sleep with respect to pre-preparaciones concerts, CNBLUE said that they like to exercise, swim and drink whiskey, etc... to relax. Members had their own plans for the future. YongHwa is getting ready for his solo album, and Jonghyun and Jungshin took the prize to the best partner in the company. for video, click link below http://ent.sina.cn/?wb2sina=1&wm=3049_a100&from=qudao&sa=t64d3950882v33&vt=4