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Another Austen spinoff movie coming at you! From Prada to Nada is a 2011 movie starring Spy Kids star Alexa Vega and Camilla Bell. While these two actresses do a pretty good job, the overall plot and story are kind of awful. I have found very few remakes of Sense and Sensibility that I like, though that could have to do with the fact that the original text also isn't my favorite. Still, I can appreciate a good adaptation, if I could find one. The two sisters of Sense and Sensibility go through a big modernization in this movie version. When their father dies and leaves them penniless, they must move in with an aunt in East L.A. and become part of the large, Mexican-American family they have been practically avoiding for so long. The old sister, Nora, adapts well but the younger is pretty spoiled and finds herself struggling. And here I found the most annoying part of the adaptation: Mary. But, to be honest, she drove me crazy in the original, too! In From Prada to Nada, though, her antics drive me insane. She comes from a rich upbringing, and cannot find her place in the "poor" part of her family. She acts so conceited that I couldn't even sympathize with her; I just found it too frustrating. Essentially, this movie is a for-dummies version of Sense and Sensibility: while it tries to maintain the social complexity of Austen's world, the modernized version becomes rather simple in comparison to Austen's. I did enjoy the way they changed the elder sisters, Nora's, romance, but at the same time, I really felt the lack of complexity. This movie is still a relaxing rom-com, but as an adaptation, it falls short. Check out the trailer and images above!
@timeturnerjones I started but I'm gonna be honest I fell asleep hahaha!! I didn't hate it, but it really had nothing enthralling enough to keep me up
@onesmile did you end up watching it? What do you think?
I am seriously going to watch this later and let you know what I think after hahahah, I can't get past judging the title!