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Bibimbap (비빔밥)
Well known as the national dish, bibimbap is a popular, nutritious meal of steamed rice mixed with vegetables and gochujang (고추장- Korean hot pepper paste). The traditional version is normally served with beef and a sunny-side-up egg although the vegetarian option is common as are varieties with other meats. You are able to add the chili paste yourself so you control how spicy it becomes! Use your spoon to thoroughly mix the ingredients - and to eat it! Suggested restaurants: - Gogung restaurant in MyeongDong 12-14 Chungmu-ro 2-ga, Jung-gu (서울,중구,충무로2가12-14) +82 2 776 3211 - Bon Bibimbap (franchise) in Jongro 2-3 Floor, No.10 Jong-ro 2-ga, Jongro-gu (서울,종로구,종로2가10번지 2,3층) +82 2 730 6388
Have never had 비빔밥 in Korea! Seems like another reason to visit!!
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@sailingperson well, you definitely should try it! (I think you already have enough reasons to visit!!)
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