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CA Kia won six awards in the "Russian Car of the Year 2021" competition

Recently, Kia was awarded the best evaluation in six subcategories in the "Car of the Year in Russia 2021". Among them, Kia Picanto in "Urban Car", Seltos in "Compact SUV", K5 in "Business Class" and Sorento in "Mid-Size SUV" SUV), Jiahua in the "medium and large MPV (Minivans)" in each segment of the field were selected as the best model of the year.

It is worth mentioning that Kia was also awarded the honorary title of "Russian Favorite Brand in Mass Segment in 2021". In the annual selection, Kia won 6 awards, creating a record of the most awards since it entered the Russian market, fully demonstrating the continuous improvement of Kia's recognition and reputation in the Russian market.

The "Russian Car of the Year" award began in 2000, is the most authoritative car in the Russian market. The selection of "Russian Car of the Year 2021" began on February 1 and will run until June 1. Over a four-month period, more than 1.5 million automotive experts and consumers voted online for the best car of the year in 23 sub-categories.

The podium-frequent Kia Picanto has been named the Best Urban Small Car for six consecutive years, while the Seltos, which debuted in Russia last year, has been named the Best Small SUV for two consecutive years, demonstrating Kia's strong product and brand strength in this segment of the market.

Kia Seltos was named the best "small SUV" for the second consecutive year

Kia's new K5, launched in Russia at the end of last year, has attracted widespread attention from local consumers for its avant-garde design language, powerful handling performance and cutting-edge smart technology. Meanwhile, the fourth-generation Sorento and Ka Wah, which are known for their outstanding appearance level and excellent performance, are also favored by local consumers.

The recognition of the Russian market to Kia in addition to awards, but also directly reflected in the sales. Kia has achieved annual sales of more than 200,000 vehicles in this market for three consecutive years, and has been the No. 1 imported brand in the Russian auto market for six consecutive years since 2014. This year, Kia's performance is still very impressive, from January to May, the cumulative sales of 89,543 vehicles, second only to Russia's local brand Lada, ranked second among all brands, and continue to maintain the impressive performance of the first imported brand.

Alexander Migal, Head of Kia Russia, said: "Kia has won the title of 'Most Popular Brand' in the most authoritative annual automobile competition in Russia, which fully demonstrates the trust of Russian consumers in the Kia brand. In the second half of this year, we will further consolidate Kia's leadership position in the Russian market, including through the launch of a new corporate logo."

At the beginning of this year, facing the great change of the automobile industry in the past century, Kia reviewed the situation and officially released a new corporate logo, global brand slogan and new company name in the world, aiming to meet the diversified needs of different users in the future travel field. "The new logo demonstrates Kia's commitment and determination to lead the industry through change and innovation. "The global automotive industry is in a period of rapid change, and Kia is actively influencing and adapting to this change." Appearance Please wait for the new look of Kia and look forward to the future."

Kia launched a new corporate logo and global brand slogan at the beginning of this year, actively embracing the new market changes

In China, following the pace of global renewal, Kia officially released a new Logo and new concept at the Shanghai Auto Show 2021, and is committed to becoming a trendsetting and inspiring mobile travel brand. In the face of the ever-escalating consumer demand in the Chinese market, Kia is further optimizing its product layout, expanding its lineup of medium, large and high-end products, accelerating the introduction of new products such as MPV and HEV hybrid models, and building a higher value product system. Keeping close to the trend of youth in the Chinese market and leading by the senior sports car K5, Kia is continuously building a new product matrix with high quality, strong power, high appearance level and high intelligence as the core.

In July this year, Kia will launch SL Ace with a new Logo. SL ACE adopts the aesthetic design concept of high-energy pump feeling, and the vehicle looks strong and sharp. The "tiger roar style" front face, the "diamond cut" headlamp, the "blade style" daytime running light and so on are eye-catching. The body size of SL ACE is 4530mm*1850mm*1700mm, and the wheelbase is as long as 2640mm, which has the leading wide space of the same class. At the same time, this model also has the largest technology cockpit of its class, equipped with L2+ level Drive Wise intelligent driving assistance system and Baidu intelligent interconnection system 3.0, which is committed to bringing consumers a safer and more convenient car experience. In addition, SL ACE is equipped with the world's leading 1.5T CVVD high-performance engine, with a maximum output of 200, which opens a new era of SUV.

The new model, Kia SL Ace, will go on sale in July

In addition to SL Ace, Kia's new flagship MPV model, the fourth generation of Carnival, will also be officially launched to domestic consumers in the second half of this year. Not only does the 4th generation Carnival have the tough, stylish look of an SUV, but the 3rd generation I-GMP platform also gives it the widest, most flexible and most practical space in its class, capable of meeting a variety of life scenarios and car needs. With the all-in-one dual 12.3-inch LCD central control, L2+ level ADAS intelligent driver assistance system and other high-end technology, supplemented by Kia's latest SmartStream powertrain, we hope this is a good price performance car.
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