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My piece "Dumped Dinner" is now complete! What did you all think? Thank you for any feedback you've given me; I really appreciate all the support! A few people have asked me to elaborate one why I decided to complete this project. It's actually pretty simple: I was curious about why people in the US were dumpster diving. My curiosity peaked when I saw a show on the Food Network that featured a cooking competition with all food that had been thrown away. I wondered why a show like this had come to be: how much food waste was there occurring in the USA that it caught the attention of a major TV network in this way? After I decided to go dumpster diving, it was a process--as seen in the piece--and I wasn't really sure if I had accomplished anything. After the piece ended, I really did go actually get in a dumpster. Reading this piece again, I found that I laughed at Sean for not jumping in, but I myself never got in a dumpster during that time, either. Later on, I would go out on my own, get my own bagels, and find my own vegetables that had been wastefully thrown out. Though I didn't keep up with the culture of dumpster diving, I did keep the idea of food waste in mind. Since that time, I find myself shopping for food in a different way. Rather than looking for the perfect apple, I look for the bruised apple that might be thrown away at the end of the week or the pepper that isn't quite green enough. I try to do my part to buy that food that others might not want for superficial reasons, to keep the food from being lost in a dumpster or garbage dump. I hope that you enjoyed my piece! Even if it didn't get you to go dumpster diving, I hope that you'll think a little more about the food that you waste or pass up in the supermarket for superficial reasons. If you have any questions about my writing or my experiences, please feel free to ask me here!
@hikaymm I can't believe it....so much more confidence if your own ability to judge the food than I have!
@onesmile yes, yes I did!! @timeturnerjones I'm going to just say anything that was moldy. I'm actually really concerned with food safety, so I know my limits but mold is a sure sign you shouldn't eat it and really grosses me out!
Very cool!! Can I ask what the most disgusting thing you ever came across was?
....so I know you said this, but you REALLY ate the food more than once?! @hikaymm