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I recently saw @greggr 's post about not reading enough books in a year, and I got to thinking about books that are great, but short! If you read some of these, surely you can read more in a year~~!! The top three of these kinds of books for me would be the following: 1) The Sock by Lydia Davis 2) Hills like White Elephants by Ernest Heminway 3) The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin These three pieces of short literature all do an exquisite writing job in an incredibly short space. Have you read any of them?? What do you think??
What did you like about Hills like white Elephants? I haven't actually read it @fallingwater
Well! You're right--more short texts would mean more books. But isn't thar a shortcut? Anyways, I'm going to reread the Sock today during lunch. Thanks for the reminder!
@timeturnerjones I like that its a bit complicated to understand n nearly all written in dialogue~~
@greggr reading more good stories shouod never be considered a shortcut lol~~! You're welcome