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I finally took a bit of a break for the summer time, and I decided to read a book my friend bought for me earlier this year. Wild by Cheryl Strayed tells the story of a woman who decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail along the west coast. I was really inspired by this story!! I love hiking and camping, but I find that I only do small hikes and journeys--I don't commit in that way to a cause. Cheryl was so brave to take a journey like this: she had never been on such a long hike (or any hike, to be frank) and she faced struggles that would have caused me to quit. I really appreciated the tone of Cherly's voice throughout the book: she was incredibly honest about her mistakes her worries, her trials, and her journey. It takes a lot of courage to tell millions of readers that you blamed your mother for her death, cheated on your husband multiple time, and fell into a habit of using drugs. Despite this honesty, Cheryl manages to be a likable character! If you like hiking, or journeys of self-discovery, I highly recommend reading this book :)
I need to read this before the movie comes out :)
@timeturnerjones cool! Thanks for fixing the tag hahah~~~ I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Its a really great story with a lot of interesting action
@fallingwater forgot to tag yo~
I'm really glad you shared this! I had a classmate tell me they adored her writing but I wasn't sold. I'll give it a tr!