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Mobile payment is changing commerce and creating new and easy social interactions around commerce. When PayPal approached fuseproject with an idea to facilitate real world payments, the prospect of creating a physical product and new brand for the e-commerce pioneer was a tantalising design challenge. PayPal and fuseproject’s brand and design team partnered on the expression of this new experience through all interaction points, from naming to packaging, sound and device, web and communication. The leader in online payment, PayPal, is moving to face-to-face transactions and will bring the ease and comfort of their online platform to the real world. We named it PayPal “Here” to highlight its physical presence and anywhere-anytime possibilities. Most payment transactions are disconnected and confusing, with Paypal Here we sought to create an ecosystem where all elements are clear, simple, consistent and a pleasure to us The Here shipper is a smart corrugated triangular box, made of a recycled corrugated material that insures robustness and flexibility when sent through the mail to customers. It includes an iconic Here sticker that becomes a recognisable icon for the Here service. PayPal Here does more than accept payments – through its distinct design and brand ecosystem, it serves as a brand flag for PayPal in the everyday real world. Thanks for information from Fuseproject