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Using Frozen Bread Dough to Make Monkey Bread

While cinnamon rolls are an almost irresistible treat, they do require a significant amount of time and effort. Monkey bread achieves the same flavors with significantly less time and effort, making it an ideal anytime treat when you're craving something freshly baked and sugary. This monkey bread recipe makes the most of frozen bread dough and adds caramel sauce to make the finished product even more delectably addictive.

Total Time: 60–70 minutes | Prep Time: ten minutes | Serves: twelve to sixteen


- 2 loaves (each weighing 1 pound) frozen bread dough, thawed
- 1/2 cup melted butter, plus additional for the pan
- 1/2 cup tightly packed brown sugar
- 1/4 cup sugar, granulated
- 2 tsp. cinnamon powder
- 1/2 cup caramel ice cream topping, or any other type of caramel sauce


- Coat the inside of a large Bundt pan or tube pan with melted butter using a pastry brush. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Each loaf of dough should be cut into 20 to 24 small balls. In a large mixing bowl, combine the melted butter and dough balls. Toss until they are coated evenly with butter.
- In a small bowl, combine the sugars and cinnamon; sprinkle over the dough balls and toss again. Finally, drizzle the caramel syrup over the balls and toss once more.
- Layer the dough balls in your tube pan. Allow the dough to rise for 30 to 40 minutes in a warm place, or until it has roughly doubled in size.
- Bake for 25–30 minutes, or until the monkey bread is golden brown and firm to the touch. Remove the pan from the oven and place it on a cooling rack to cool. Allow the bread to rest in the pan for 2–3 minutes before turning it over and tipping it onto a serving plate. Serve immediately after it has cooled sufficiently to avoid burning those tiny monkey fingers.


- If desired, glaze the warm monkey bread with a simple flat icing made with milk and powdered sugar, whisked together, or with regular vanilla icing from the supermarket, gently warmed in the microwave until barely pourable.
- To further kid-proof the monkey bread, scatter a handful of chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows between the layers.
- Spread coarsely chopped walnuts or pecans between the dough balls for a more adult version.

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True Chocolate Experience | BakeMate
I can’t say I’m a big fan of Cadbury chocolate, but I have to admit that having your name on a chocolate bar is kind of cool. So when chocolate sent us this 360g bar of ‘Chocolate Chocoablog’ chocolate to show off their name Made personalization service, I thought the best thing to do would be to give it away to a chocolate Chocablog reader. Whether you want to enjoy true chocolate flavors or you're looking to immerse your senses by tasting the finest chocolate? BakeMate is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world with world-class flavors. The basic concept is a chocolate bar stuffed with as much other stuff as humanly possible. Probably so you can’t taste the chocolate anymore. Milk Chocolate The interesting part of this chocolate bar is all the other stuff inside it is also very tasty. And that shortcake, nut, and fruit pieces are quite nice. It’s very sweet, but the shortcake adds a light crunchiness to the bar that somehow manages to make it more pleasant than your average non-stuffed chocolate bar. This chocolate is never too hard and never too soft, and unfortunately makes this bar far too easy to describe to anyone about this in a single sitting. This 175g bag contains a large number of chocolate Buttons, each filled with a small amount of Caramel. I am not sure why they went for the ‘Nibbles’ name. They are most clearly Buttons and they could have gone for a record-breaking three-brand-name crossover “Chocolate With Caramel Buttons” monicker if only they have thought about it. Chocolate is so often the case with Chocolate products, I don’t mostly like them, but once I start eating them, it’s very difficult to stop. It’s not as though I can’t hide chocolate because I have tried that before and I know all my secret hiding places now. So will leave you with a simple warning of the taste of this chocolate. So, Buy them at your own risk and never eat them alone Surprising Health Benefits of Milk Chocolate As mentioned in the previous blog on chocolate, it is not expensive and low in calories, so if any of you need the short and cheap chocolate fix, this could do it for every one of you. It is sweet. Very sweet. Maybe not Hershey sweet but sweet enough to go and have a taste of it without any second thought I was willing to go to be eating all of it. The chocolate coating is pretty chocolate here as well. Standard chocolate tempering a slightly musty tasting coconut filling with a light, almost marshmallowy nougat — not the hearty, chewy filling I had expected that all the good stuff in the one chocolate. •Chocolate has been associated with some the conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and hypertension. •Chocolate is said to have contained high levels of antioxidants. Some studies have said that chocolate could lower cholesterol levels and prevent memory decline. •Chocolate has a huge number of calories. •People who are seeking to lose or maintain weight should eat chocolate only in very few that too for the taste consumption. Some important benefits: • lowering your cholesterol levels • preventing cognitive decline level • reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.
Tasty Dishes In Bhutan’s Street Food
Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and environmentally stunning countries in the world, and it receives thousands of tourists each year. The country is home to more than 2500 glacial lakes, breathtaking mountains, dizzying rivers, and an abundance of plants and animals. Bhutan is rich in terms of geography, but it is also rich in terms of religion and culture. They consider the nation's heritage and history. One such aspect of Bhutan's heritage and a general representation of their culture is their street food. The top 3 Bhutan street foods you must try are listed below  your next trip to Bhutan. Momo Dumplings Bhutan Street Food This common street food in Bhutan is derived from Tibetan cuisine. Momos are merely dumplings that are eaten throughout Bhutan. Despite sharing many similarities with Chinese dumplings, they are distinctive in their own right. The dumpling is made by steaming it along with a side of tomato ezay dip, which has a tangy flavour. There are several ways to prepare and serve momos, including steaming, frying, sautéing, and pan-frying. Depending on the type of momo, the stuffing inside varies. They are a must-try dish while visiting Bhutan and contain minced pork or beef, cabbage, fresh cheese, garlic, and coriander leaves. Thukpa Noodle Soup Thukpa Thukpa is a delicious and meditative food, and the ideal Thukpa in the right environment may sooth your spirit. It is yet another delicacy with deep and varied Tibetan roots. The dish highlights the street food of Bhutan's wholesome native flavour. The soup already has a tangy flavour from the garlic, chopped onions, noodles, and stock; the green chilies add heat and flavour. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of thukpa are offered. Suja – A Tea Made With Butter Bhutan Tea This hot beverage is one of the street foods you should try in Bhutan. It's a special butter tea recipe made with salted water, fermented yak or cow butter, and a couple of cups. The mixture's saltiness depends on how much butter is poured into the tea. The best way to enhance its flavour is to serve it with "zaow," which is simply puffed rice. The main variation is that the chopped vegetables in the non-vegetarian version are replaced with red meat or poached eggs. The Vegetarian Thukpa is a suitable vegan food because it doesn't contain any dairy products. Book an extraordinary journey for your Bhutan trip today! Keep up to date on the latest travel information with us.
How Can You Tell The Difference Between a Synthetic And Human Hair Wig?
The difference between synthetic and human hair HD lace wigs is the fibers. The materials between them are different, and the wearing effect is also different. Please read the full text for specific details. What is a human hair wig? Human Brazilian hair wigs come in two categories: processed hair and raw hair. The hairs are kept together to ensure that the cuticle is facing in the same direction as when growing from the head. It ensures the most natural appearance as well as easier brushing. When hair cuticle reverses, they are more likely to break. Advantages: 1. Modeling versatility. It can be curled, permed, straightened, or colored at any time, just like natural hair. However, before replacing a human hair melt lace wig, you should consult a stylist first. They will be able to teach you the best techniques for styling and maintaining your wig. 2. The texture. Human hair wigs are the same as the real hair and come in a variety of textures so you can always find your natural hair to match. 3. A long life. If properly cared for, a human hair wig worn daily can last two to three times longer than a synthetic wig for a year or more. 4. Natural look. The human hair wig feels great and looks very natural. Disadvantages: 1. Maintenance: regular cleaning, deep conditioning, and re-modeling are required to maintain its natural luster. 2. Cost: Because they're harvested from human hair, they're usually more expensive. 3. Weight: Human hair wigs feel heavier than synthetic wigs of similar length and style. 4. Weather: Just like your natural hair, human hair wigs can become frizzy, soft, or dry depending on the weather. 5. Fading: The color of a wig can oxidize or fade when exposed to light. What is a synthetic wig? Synthetic hair wigs are made of plastic fibers, usually a type of nylon. The quality and properties of these fibers vary by manufacturer and wig style. High-quality synthetic fibers will retain their luster, color, and shape, not low-quality fibers. Advantages: 1. Easy to care for: Synthetic wigs require almost no maintenance. Simply wash, dry, and shake them, and the wig will return to its original shape. 2. Weather resistance: Synthetic wigs retain their style regardless of the weather. 3. Versatility: Because of the low cost, you can buy multiple synthetic wigs to experiment with different styles, cuts, and colors. Cost: Synthetic wigs are relatively cheap. Disadvantages: 1. Unnatural: Some economical or inexpensive synthetic wigs may have an unnatural sheen. 2. Longevity: Synthetic wigs and headwear don't last as long as human hair wigs, usually lasting 4-6 months. 3. Low versatility: Synthetic wigs cannot be straightened or crimped with heated styling tools unless they are specially designed as "heat-friendly" synthetic wigs. 4. Do not change color: Recoloring is not recommended for synthetic wigs, and traditional hair colors do not adhere to the fibers. 5. Air permeability: The air permeability of synthetic wigs is less than that of human hair lace wigs. They are hot and can cause irritation and discomfort in warm weather. West Kiss Hair's wigs are made of 100% human hair, which fits your skin very naturally, so you don't have to worry about the risk of being discovered.
Can You Use Regular Shampoo To Wash a Wig?
Do you know why wigs that have been on display in the hair salon for a long time are still so smooth and shiny, you can leave them in the cupboard for a week and you will be in a state of frizz. Is your daily care and cleaning not done properly? What details are you easily overlooked? Tips: Before washing your wig on Westkiss coupons, we recommend that you comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to reduce the risk of tangles. Don't choose alcohol/sulfate-free shampoos, because they strip the hair of its natural oils and affect the quality of the 613 closure wig, making hair more prone to tangles. We should avoid products containing the following ingredients: SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl polyether sulfate, ethyl alcohol, SD alcohol 40, propyl alcohol, isopropyl, and propyl. After perusing these tips, it's time to start the formal shampoo process. Fill a sink or basin with water If your HD wigs tightly curled, or you don't want to change the original shape of your wig, washing it in cold water is a good option. The water temperature can be around 10-15 degrees. The colder the water, the harder it is to change the type of wig you want to keep. If you want to relax your hair, you can use hot water. Add shampoo to the water The next step is to add some shampoo to the water when it's full to get some lather. Before putting wigs in water, we recommend that you brush them off. Once it's wet, it's hard to brush it out. After your wig is brushed off, you just put it in the water. Make sure it's completely submerged. Let soak for 5-10 minutes You can then gently stir the wig in the water to make sure you shampoo it all the way through. We recommend letting the wig soak in water for 10-15 minutes. We recommend that you gently clean the front of the lace, the front of the lace does not need any heavy scrubbing. If you want to make sure it's clean, you can scrub the lace around it by hand. Wash away the shampoo Wash the shampoo off the wig. Continue cleaning until the water is bubble-free. If the faucet is small and takes a while to clean, use the sprayer on the sink to rinse the wig faster. Make sure the sink is clean at the end, then rinse the wig again. Short wigs may be relatively easy and quick to clean, but if they are longer wigs, they need to be taken more seriously. Take care of your wig Choose a mild wig conditioner. Then, you can apply the conditioner on the palm of your hand, starting at the bottom of the wig. As you apply the conditioner, gently brush the hair with your fingers, not too much, and keep the hair soft. Try not to apply it at the roots as this can make the wig look greasy and dirty. You can let the conditioner sit for 1-5 minutes, but it's best to follow the instructions on the conditioner bottle. Once the time is up, rinse with cold water from the top to the end of the wig, making sure to rinse off any conditioner before blow-drying. Lay the wig flat on a towel and let it dry Roll out the towel completely and place the wig inside so that the towel completely covers the wig. Gently press and roll the wig. The towel will absorb excess moisture from the wig. Be gentle, because too much force can damage your wig. After basic wiping, you can lay the wig flat on a towel and let it dry. The length of time it takes to dry a wig varies according to its thickness, length, and style. Normal wigs usually need to be left overnight, but to avoid damage, it's best to wait until dry before brushing. You can place it on your styrofoam head, or you can place it on your own head for combing. If hair looks or becomes stiff as it dries, simply shake the wig or hair bundle and comb it out for instant softness. The official blog of West Kiss Hair will update several articles about the latest fashion trends of wigs or wigs every month. Girls who want to buy wigs or maintain wigs must check them out.
Cooking Recipe
RecipeRecipeThe nutrient is a topic it is always hotly debated, and with to purpose. The ingredients we positioned into our bodies have effect on our fitness and properly-being. While there are genuinely some debates available about what is the healthiest manner to eat, there may beone is so whatever one can agree on: cooking your personal food is usually the high-quality option. Why is cooking so vital? For one, it let siny recognize precisely what's going into your meals. While you cook dinner your very own food, you're in control of the substances. You can select organic produce and healthy proteins, or you could move for something a little greater indulgent. With the aid of cooking your own meals, you're additionally in control of the cooking approach and the level of warmth used. This ensures that your meals are cooked in a way that preserves as many of their vitamins as possible. In this post, we will discover the importance of cooking and how to get started on your very own kitchen. Why Is Cooking vital? You are probably wondering why cooking is so essential. In case, there are masses of approaches to getting meals. But the fact is, cooking is one of the maximum essential capabilities all of us could have Right here's why: Cooking from scratch governs what goes into your meals. You can keep away from bad additives and preservatives, and you can select sparkling, seasonal elements. Cooking additionally helps you to learn about vitamins and to make healthy selections for yourself and your family. Andcookingisnotprettymuchwholesome ingesting. It's also a fantastic way to bond with pals and their own families, relax after a protracted day, and discover new and exciting flavors. So why no longer start cooking today? It's a talent to be able to serve you nicely for future years What Are the blessings of Cooking? There are so many advantages to cooking your own meals, and no longer just from a fitness point of view.Cookingathomeisan an exceptional way to save cash, and it is a superb waytobondtogetherwithyourcircleof relatives. may tweak the recipe to make it best for your taste buds. Plus, you're getting all of the dietary benefits of those substances. Cooking additionally gives you an experience of feat.Theremaybesomethingactually enjoyable approximately creating the first-rate meal from scratch, and it is a skill that you can use for the relaxation of your existence. So why no longer provide it a strive? How Can Cooking help You store money? You are probably amazed to know that cooking can truly assist you to keep the money. How? By cooking at home, you may manipulate the components that pass into your meals. And that means you could avoid unhealthy additives and preservatives, not to say highly-priced eating place food. Cookingadditionallyletsyourbatch-prepare dinner, which is when you prepare dinner a a large batch of food that you can then freeze or refrigerate. This is a first-rate way to keep each time and money,duetothefactyou'reno longer only cooking as soon as, however, you're additionally ingesting leftovers, which might be regularly cheaper than shopping for food from a restaurant. So the subsequent time you are feeling tempted to order takeout, take into account giving cooking a strive. You might be surprised at how an awful lot of cash you may save ultimately. WhatArethesatisfactoryRecipesfor beginners? You may assume that cooking is too tough or time-eating to hassle with, however, it truly is no longer the case. In reality, there are heaps of recipesavailablewhichcanbeperfectfor novices. So what are some suitable recipes first of all? Well,oneofallmyfavoritesisroasted vegetables. They're easy to make and you may personalize them however you want. Any other the first-rate alternative is pasta with a self-made sauce.Itissmoothtomakeandyoucan manage the ingredients, which is important if Do you have any dietary restrictions? And if you're looking for something candy, try out this recipe for chocolate chip cookies. They may be scrumptious and sincerely smooth to make. With a bit little bit of exercise, you may be cooking like a pro very quickly! What Are the Best Cooking tips? Youmightthinkcookingisthrowingsome components storage the rand hoping for the first-rate. But if you want to make delicious, wholesome meals that your own family will love, you want to recognize some matters. For starters, you need to have the proper tools. An amazing knife is essential, as is a strong pot or pan. And recall the spices! A bit of salt and pepper can cross a long manner. As soon as you've got the basics, it's time to begin cooking. Here are some guidelines that will help you get started: 1) Examine recipes thoroughly earlier than you start cooking. This will help you apprehend the steps involved and make sure you have the whole lot you need. 2)make sure your ingredients are at room temperature earlier than you start cooking. This could help the prepare dinner evenly and prevent them from sticking to the pan. 3) Use a timer! This could assist make certain your food is cooked well and would not burn. 4) do not be afraid to test. Attempt new recipes andcomponents,andblendandfitspecial flavors to create something unique. Five) Have amusement! Cooking ought to be fun, loosen up, and enjoy yourself in the kitchen. How Can Cooking assist You to stay healthful? You already know that cooking is vital, but do you recognize why? Here are a number of the pinnacle methods that cooking can help you live wholesomely: Cooking at home gives you manage over the substances that pass into your food. You can select first-rate, clean components, and prepare dinner in a healthy way. Cooking helps you to get the proper vitamins. While you prepare dinner your own meals, you could make sure that you're getting all the vitamins and minerals your body wishes. Cooking is a thoughtful manner to control your weight. When you cook your very own food, you could control the portion sizes and the number of fats and sugar that go into your meals. Cookingletsyouavoidbadcomponents. Premade food and takeout regularly include unhealthy components like salt, sugar, and fat. When you cook dinner your personal food, you can keep away from those components and live healthily. So why not provide cooking a strive? It is a wonderfulwaytostayhealthfuland sense-appropriate about what you're consuming. End it's far clear that cooking is critical. Now not most effective does it provide you with a way to provide food for yourself, but it lets in you to apprehend the procedure of turning uncooked elements into a complete and nutritious meal. Cooking can also be an incredible manner to spend time together with your friends and own family, and it's an ability a good way to serve you nicely for the relaxation of your existence. Sowhyiscookingsocritical?There are definitely no bounds to what cooking can do for you – it's a skill to help you feed yourself and your loved ones, and it is a manner to connect to the human beings around you. Cooking is something that everyone must research, and it is easier than you might think. Get begun nowadays and spot how plenty a laugh you could have in your kitchen.
Best Sri Lankan Dishes to Try - Discover the Culinary Affairs of Ceylon
You must have explored the taste of each nation and treated yourself to the finest dishes everywhere. However, you will discover a new wave of flavors that will tantalize your tastebuds with the most unique blend of flavors in Sri Lankan cuisine. Here are some must-try dishes to get a kick start! Milk Rice (Kiribath) Milk Rice with Maldive fish Sambol | Image via Wikimedia Commons Be it a celebration or a wholesome breakfast, milk rice always takes the centre of the table in Sri Lanka. Rice cooked in coconut milk and served with a few sides; this is a dish you will always remember. You can find milk rice at most Sri Lankan restaurants and hotels. Hoppers Egg Hoppers | Image via Wikimedia Commons Hoppers come in various forms, egg hoppers, milk hoppers, and honey hoppers. They’re made with fermented rice flour and can be enjoyed alone or with a few sides. Hoppers bring a unique burst of flavor, and they’re a highlight of any Sri Lankan dining table. Kottu Authentic Chicken Kottu | Image via Wikimedia Commons Definitely the most sought-after dish in Sri Lanka, kottu is a cult favourite that brings the perfect blend of spicy goodness to you. Made with gothamba roti cut into pieces and mixed with vegetables, eggs, and meat, this is the best comfort food on an exhausting day! String Hoppers StringHoppers with Eggmasala curry | Image via Wikimedia Commons String hoppers are a must-try for all Sri Lankan dishes as they’re a unique dish that resembles a nest of tiny noodles, served with a few curries and gravy such as pol sambol, dahl, and black pork curry. They’re the ideal breakfast or dinner on the island. Try requesting this dish from any of the Sri Lanka luxury hotels you stay at.
How to practice gratitude? 18 creative ways.
Life is definitely better with more inclination towards gratitude. But, how to practice gratitude? Here are some suggestions to live better with gratitude. Practicing gratitude is a powerful way to improve your overall well-being and increase your happiness. It’s the simple act of acknowledging and appreciating the good things in your life. But, how do you practice gratitude on a daily basis? In this blog post, we’ll explore 18 methods for practicing gratitude and suggest some further reading to help you on your journey. Here goes: Keep a Gratitude Journal: One of the simplest ways to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. Each day, write down three things that you’re grateful for. This can be anything from the taste of your morning coffee to the support of your friends and family. Write a Gratitude Letter: Another way to practice gratitude is to write a gratitude letter to someone who has made a positive impact on your life. This can be a friend, family member, or even a stranger who has done something kind for you. Share Your Gratitude: Share your gratitude with others by telling them how much you appreciate them. This can be done in person, over the phone, or even through a text message or email. Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness is the practice of being present and fully engaged in the present moment. This can help you to appreciate the good things in your life and be more aware of the things you’re grateful for. “The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” – Thich Nhat Hanh Use Positive Affirmations: Positive affirmations can help you to focus on the good things in your life and practice gratitude. Repeat affirmations such as “I am grateful for all the good things in my life” or “I choose to focus on the positive”. “An attitude of gratitude brings great things.” – Yogi Bhajan Practice Gratitude in the Morning: Start your day with gratitude by taking a few minutes to reflect on the things you’re grateful for before you begin your day. This can help you to set a positive tone for the rest of your day. Practice Gratitude in the Evening: Reflect on the things you’re grateful for at the end of the day before you go to sleep. This can help you to end your day on a positive note and sleep better. Make a Gratitude Jar: Create a gratitude jar by filling a jar with small pieces of paper. Each day, write down something you’re grateful for and put it in the jar. You can look back at the jar on days when you’re feeling down to remind yourself of the good things in your life. Take a Gratitude Walk: Take a walk and focus on the things you’re grateful for. This can be the beauty of nature, the kindness of strangers, or simply the ability to walk. Practice Gratitude in Difficult Times: It can be hard to practice gratitude when things are tough, but it’s important to remember that gratitude is not about ignoring the bad things in your life, but rather acknowledging the good things that exist alongside them. “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein Practice Gratitude with Family and Friends: Share your gratitude with your loved ones and encourage them to do the same. This can create a positive and grateful atmosphere within your relationships. “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” – Zig Ziglar Practice Gratitude Through Service: Helping others and giving back to your community can be a great way to practice gratitude. It can help you to appreciate what you have and feel grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy Practice Gratitude Through Creativity: Expressing gratitude through art, writing, or music can be a powerful way to connect with the things you’re grateful for. “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward Practice Gratitude Through Movement: Incorporating gratitude into your physical practice, whether it be yoga, meditation, or exercise, can help you to focus on the present moment and appreciate the things you have. “Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward Beecher Practice Gratitude Through Nature: Spend time in nature and take in the beauty of the world around you. This can help you to appreciate the simple things in life and be grateful for them. “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” – Gary Snyder Practice Gratitude Through Spirituality: Incorporating gratitude into your spiritual practice can help you to connect with something greater than yourself and appreciate the blessings in your life. “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” – Jean Baptiste Massieu Practice Gratitude Through Simplicity: Appreciate the simple things in life and be grateful for them. This can be as simple as a warm bed to sleep in or a hot meal to eat. “The simplest things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” – Paulo Coelho Practice Gratitude Through Mindfulness: Practice mindfulness and be present in the moment. This can help you to appreciate the good things in your life and be grateful for them. “The present moment is a powerful place. From here, you can change your past and create your future.” – Louise Hay Further reading: “The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day” by Intelligent Change “The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year Looking on the Bright Side Can Transform Your Life” by Janice Kaplan “The Magic of Gratitude” by Dr. Christiane Northrup “The Power of Gratitude: A Simple Guide to a Happier Life” by Dr. Robert Emmons “A Simple Act of Gratitude: How Learning to Say Thank You Changed My Life” by John Kralik Did you know? We have a Yoga Space at Work Theater, our coworking space in Bangalore Learn more about our coworking space on Think Remote.
Santé et nutrition : comment équilibrer vos besoins caloriques quotidiens
Qu'est-ce qu'une calorie ? La calorie est une unité de mesure de l'énergie. Elle est utilisée pour exprimer la quantité d'énergie qu'un aliment ou une boisson contient. L'énergie est nécessaire pour les activités quotidiennes telles que marcher, parler et même respirer. Les aliments et les boissons que nous consommons sont la source d'énergie de notre corps. Il existe deux types de calories : les calories de macronutriments et les calories de micronutriments. Les macronutriments tels que les protéines, les glucides et les graisses fournissent de l'énergie (calories) au corps, tandis que les micronutriments tels que les vitamines et les minéraux ne fournissent pas d'énergie, mais sont nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de l'organisme. Il est important de comprendre que les calories sont nécessaires pour maintenir une santé optimale, mais il est également important de se concentrer sur la qualité des calories plutôt que sur la quantité. Les aliments riches en nutriments tels que les fruits, les légumes, les protéines maigres et les grains entiers peuvent aider à maintenir un poids santé, tandis que les aliments hautement transformés et riches en sucre et en graisses peuvent causer des problèmes de poids et de santé à long terme. Il est donc important de consommer une variété d'aliments de qualité pour atteindre un équilibre calorique optimal. Il est également important de noter que les besoins caloriques quotidiens varient d'une personne à l'autre en fonction de plusieurs facteurs tels que l'âge, le sexe, la taille, le poids, le niveau d'activité physique et les objectifs de santé. Il est donc important de consulter un professionnel de la santé pour déterminer les besoins caloriques individuels. Combien de calories avez-vous besoin chaque jour ? Le nombre de calories que vous avez besoin chaque jour dépend de plusieurs facteurs tels que votre âge, votre sexe, votre taille, votre poids, votre niveau d'activité physique et vos objectifs de santé. En général, les femmes ont besoin d'un nombre inférieur de calories par jour que les hommes en raison de leur taille et de leur métabolisme plus lent. Les besoins caloriques quotidiens recommandés sont de l'ordre de : ·Environ 1 800 à 2 000 calories pour les adultes femmes ·Environ 2 000 à 2 600 calories pour les adultes hommes Cependant, il est important de noter que ces chiffres sont des estimations générales et que les besoins caloriques réels varient d'une personne à l'autre. Les personnes qui ont un niveau d'activité physique plus élevé auront besoin de plus de calories pour maintenir leur poids, tandis que les personnes qui cherchent à perdre du poids auront besoin de moins de calories. Il est donc important de consulter un professionnel de la santé pour déterminer vos besoins caloriques individuels et élaborer un plan alimentaire adapté à vos besoins et objectifs de santé. Il est également important de noter que la qualité des calories est tout aussi importante que la quantité, il est donc important de choisir des aliments riches en nutriments tels que les fruits, les légumes, les protéines maigres et les grains entiers pour maintenir une santé optimale. Rôle des macronutriments Les macronutriments sont des nutriments que notre corps a besoin en grande quantité pour fonctionner de manière optimale. Il existe trois principaux macronutriments : les protéines, les glucides et les graisses. Les protéines Les protéines sont essentielles pour la croissance et la réparation des tissus corporels. Elles jouent également un rôle important dans la production d'enzymes et d'hormones. Les sources de protéines comprennent la viande, les produits laitiers, les noix, les graines et les légumineuses. Les glucides Les glucides sont la principale source d'énergie pour notre corps. Ils sont converti en glucose (un sucre simple) dans le corps, qui est utilisé pour alimenter les cellules et les organes. Les sources de glucides comprennent les fruits, les légumes, les grains entiers et les produits céréaliers. Les graisses Les graisses jouent un rôle important dans la absorption des vitamines liposolubles, la protection des organes internes, et la production d'hormones. Il est important de consommer des graisses saines telles que les acides gras oméga-3 et oméga-6 trouvées dans les poissons gras, les noix et les graines, plutôt que les graisses saturées et trans trouvées dans les aliments transformés. Il est important de consommer une variété de macronutriments pour maintenir une santé optimale. L'équilibre entre les protéines, les glucides et les graisses varie d'une personne à l'autre en fonction de ses besoins et de ses objectifs de santé. Il est donc important de consulter un professionnel de la santé pour élaborer un plan alimentaire adapté à vos besoins. Importance de la qualité des calories Il est important de comprendre que la quantité de calories que vous consommez est importante, mais la qualité de ces calories est tout aussi importante. Les aliments riches en nutriments tels que les fruits, les légumes, les protéines maigres et les grains entiers peuvent aider à maintenir un poids santé, tandis que les aliments hautement transformés et riches en sucre et en graisses peuvent causer des problèmes de poids et de santé à long terme. Les aliments hautement transformés sont souvent riches en calories vides, c'est-à-dire qu'ils contiennent peu de nutriments et de fibres, mais beaucoup de sucre, de sel et de graisses malsaines. Ces aliments peuvent entraîner des fringales, des pics d'insuline et une prise de poids, ce qui peut augmenter le risque de maladies chroniques telles que le diabète et les maladies cardiaques. Au contraire, les aliments riches en nutriments tels que les fruits, les légumes, les protéines maigres et les grains entiers sont plus satisfaisants et peuvent aider à maintenir un poids santé. Ils contiennent également des vitamines, des minéraux, des fibres et des antioxydants qui sont bénéfiques pour la santé. Il est donc important de consommer une variété d'aliments de qualité pour atteindre un équilibre calorique optimal. Effets de la restriction calorique excessive La restriction calorique excessive est lorsque vous consommez moins de calories que vous en avez besoin pour maintenir un poids santé. Cela peut être fait intentionnellement dans le but de perdre du poids, mais cela peut également être causé par une maladie ou une condition de santé. La restriction calorique excessive peut causer des effets négatifs sur la santé tels que : ·Une perte de muscle et une augmentation de la graisse corporelle ·Une diminution de la densité osseuse, augmentant le risque de fractures ·Une baisse de la métabolisme ·Une perturbation des hormones ·Des perturbations de l'humeur et de la cognition ·Une réduction de la qualité de vie ·Une augmentation du risque de troubles alimentaires. Il est important de se rappeler que la perte de poids saine est un processus à long terme et qu'une restriction calorique excessive peut causer plus de mal que de bien. Il est important de consulter un professionnel de la santé pour élaborer un plan alimentaire adapté à vos besoins et objectifs de santé. Conseils pratiques pour équilibrer vos besoins caloriques quotidiens Il existe plusieurs moyens de maintenir un équilibre calorique pour atteindre et maintenir un poids santé : 1. Déterminez vos besoins caloriques quotidiens Il est important de connaître vos besoins caloriques quotidiens pour savoir combien de calories vous devez consommer chaque jour. Vous pouvez utiliser des calculatrices en ligne pour déterminer vos besoins caloriques ou consulter un professionnel de la santé. 2. Consommez des aliments riches en nutriments Il est important de consommer des aliments riches en nutriments tels que les fruits, les légumes, les protéines maigres et les grains entiers pour maintenir une santé optimale. Ces aliments sont plus satisfaisants et peuvent aider à maintenir un poids santé. 3. Faites de l'exercice régulièrement L'exercice régulier peut aider à augmenter votre métabolisme et à brûler des calories. Il est recommandé de faire de l'exercice au moins 30 minutes par jour pour maintenir une santé optimale. 4. Évitez les aliments hautement transformés et riches en sucre et en graisses Les aliments hautement transformés et riches en sucre et en graisses peuvent causer des problèmes de poids et de santé à long terme. Il est donc important de limiter la consommation de ces aliments et de privilégier des aliments frais et naturels. 5. Écoutez votre corps Il est important d'écouter les signaux de votre corps et de ne pas sauter de repas ou de vous restreindre excessivement. Écoutez vos fringales et mangez lorsque vous avez faim, mais arrêtez-vous lorsque vous êtes rassasié. 6. Consulter un professionnel de la santé Il est important de consulter un professionnel de la santé pour élaborer un plan alimentaire adapté à vos besoins et objectifs de santé. Un diététicien ou un nutritionniste peut vous aider à déterminer vos besoins caloriques individuels et à élaborer un plan alimentaire adapté. En suivant ces conseils pratiques, vous pouvez maintenir un équilibre calorique et atteindre un poids santé tout en améliorant votre santé globale. Des recettes équilibrées en calories pour une journée pleine d'énergie Petit déjeuner : Oeufs brouillés aux épinards et aux tomates Ingrédients : ·2 oeufs ·1/4 tasse d'épinards frais hachés ·1 tomate coupée en dés ·1 cuillère à soupe d'huile d'olive ·Sel et poivre, au goût Préparation : 1.Dans une poêle à feu moyen, faites chauffer l'huile d'olive. 2.Ajoutez les épinards et la tomate, et faites-les revenir pendant quelques minutes jusqu'à ce qu'ils soient tendres. 3.Cassez les oeufs dans la poêle et brouillez-les avec les légumes. 4.Salez et poivrez, au goût. 5.Servez chaud. Ce petit déjeuner riche en protéines vous donnera l'énergie nécessaire pour démarrer la journée. Les épinards et la tomate ajoutent des vitamines et des minéraux, tandis que l'huile d'olive apporte des graisses saines. Cette recette fournit environ 250 calories. Déjeuner : Salade de quinoa printanière, avocat, mangue et roquette Ingrédients : ·1 tasse de quinoa cuit ·1/2 avocat coupé en dés ·1 mangue coupée en dés ·2 tasses de roquette ·2 cuillères à soupe de vinaigrette à l'huile d'olive ·Sel et poivre, au goût Préparation : 1.Dans un bol, mélangez le quinoa, l'avocat, la mangue et la roquette. 2.Ajoutez la vinaigrette à l'huile d'olive et mélangez. 3.Salez et poivrez, au goût. 4.Servez froid ou à température ambiante. Cette salade de quinoa printanière est riche en protéines et en fibres, et fournit également des vitamines et des minéraux grâce aux légumes. L'avocat apporte des graisses saines, tandis que la mangue ajoute une touche de douceur naturelle. La vinaigrette à l'huile d'olive apporte une touche d'acidité qui rehausse le tout. Cette recette fournit environ 350 calories. Dîner : Poisson grillé aux herbes et légumes vapeur Ingrédients : ·4 tranches de poisson (saumon, tilapia, etc.) ·1 cuillère à soupe d'huile d'olive ·1 cuillère à soupe de persil haché ·1 cuillère à soupe de thym haché ·Sel et poivre, au goût ·1 tasse de brocoli vapeur ·1 tasse de carottes vapeur Préparation : 1.Dans un bol, mélangez l'huile d'olive, le persil, le thym, le sel et le poivre. 2.Placez le poisson dans le bol et badigeonnez-le de la marinade. 3.Faites griller le poisson sur un grill ou dans une poêle à feu moyen-élevé pendant environ 3-4 minutes de chaque côté, jusqu'à ce qu'il soit cuit à cœur. 4.Pendant ce temps, faites cuire les légumes vapeur selon les instructions du paquet. 5.Servir le poisson grillé avec les légumes vapeur et une tranche de citron pour la touche acidulé. Cette recette de poisson grillé est riche en protéines et en acides gras oméga-3, tout en étant faible en calories. Les herbes ajoutent une saveur délicieuse et les légumes vapeur apportent des vitamines et des minéraux. Cette recette fournit environ 300 calories. En intégrant ces recettes équilibrées en calories dans votre alimentation quotidienne, vous pourrez profiter d'une journée pleine d'énergie tout en maintenant un poids santé. Il est important de se rappeler que les besoins caloriques peuvent varier en fonction des facteurs individuels, il est donc important de consulter un professionnel de la santé avant de changer radicalement ses habitudes alimentaires.