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Top 100 K-Pop Songs for June 2014 Week 1

Here's my top 100 K-Pop Songs chart for June 2014 Week 1 (week ending June 7, 2014). Based on my personal preferences with some influence from the weekly music shows and sales charts. Can VIXX stay at number 1 for two weeks with Eternity or will INFINITE or Jun Hyoseung take over? Watch and find out! There's some major shake ups on the chart this week as lots of songs go flying up or down the chart. Also there are 19 new entries and 1 re-entry. This week sees comebacks from B.A.P, ZE:A, Taeyang, Boyfriend, Sweet Sorrow, U-Kiss, Crush and Davichi. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe if you like these. I do try to read all of your comments and respond as I can.
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