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As moderator, you will be able to make one card a “Sticky Card” within the Community you are moderating. This Sticky Card will appear at the top of the Community’s recommended feed, so it will showcase your Community’s quality content to all visitors. Sticky Card explanation: 1) Keeps card at the top of the Community recommended feed. 2) Can be rotated as often as the Moderator chooses. 3) Only one card can be a “Sticky Card” at a time. 4) Only possible to create via web, and within the Community you moderate. Refer to images 2-4 for directions on how to create a Sticky Card.
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@BulletproofV Will do ^_^
@BulletproofV I'm still slightly new to vingle since I joined last October
@CreeTheOtaku hahaha I joined in October too!!! (I think)
@BulletproofV Oh me too! October 25!
@MadAndrea @BulletproofV I joined October 18th