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Have you ever fished a Flatfish? There are big and small variations, but they're all great variations. I like to use this one for rainbow trout: they're not going to be great for bass. Still, believe it or not I sometimes want to get away from bass, haha. This lure comes in over 14 sizes and 100 colors, so you can really find any variation to fit your specific condition, and they're not good just for rainbows. You can also find one for bass, butI really haven't had much luck using them like that. Walleye and salmon, too, can be caught with this type of lure. A slow retrieve on 6# line will get it wobbling but not flipping too much, and you'll be able to move it along and get some great bites! Tight lines, everyone.
@happyrock yep, thats a huge appeal. and its pretty darn easy to fish, I think
@mcgraffy I like that this lure seems to have so many types it has to be able to be successful somehow, somewhere