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Watching Perfume perform at the Japan Night concert in Tokyo was an amazing experience! 'Love the World' was the first J-pop song I ever listened to. With its catchy rhythm and poppy tune, its also somewhat unsurprisingly the song which started my passion for Jpop! Three years later, as I found myself in the middle of the National Stadium surrounded by Perfume fans waiting for the girls to take to the stage, I couldn't help but laugh at how things had turned out. The world sure does move in mysterious ways! The girls gave a stunning performance - although my favourite definitely had to be their rendition of their hit song 'Chocolate Disco'. The 60,000-strong crowd was singing along and most people even knew the dance moves too! It was surreal~
They make really good dance music - half of my gym playlist is their songs
I'm mostly into K-pop but I really like Perfume too - how were they live?