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Staying hydrated seems like such a simple task. Drinking water can’t be that hard, right? For most, that’s actually not the case. Getting the proper amount of water every day is a healthy habit that many people don’t keep up. The optimal amount of water for each person is around eight cups every day, but remembering to drink all of that water isn’t easy. Here are five basic tips to help you get in your daily dose of h20. Try them out, and see if they help you stay hydrated! Set a Timer The best way to avoid forgetting something important is to set a timer. Of course, you can’t carry around a kitchen timer all day, so you might want to explore the possibility of installing a timer app on your phone or computer. If you work an eight-hour day, just set a timer to go off once every hour, and you’ll be getting your eight glasses per day. Get Flavorful We often forget to drink water because it’s boring, unappetizing, and bland. If you find yourself missing out on hydration because of water’s bland taste, try adding a healthy flavor. Slices of fresh citrus are a great option for adding something extra to your bottle of water. Start Your Day Right Right when you wake up, be sure to drink a full glass of water. By starting your day already hydrated, it will be easier to stay hydrated throughout the day. Getting hydrated in the morning can also improve energy levels. What other tips and tricks do you use to get in your eight glasses every day?