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Teuk and Sora continued their wedding photo shooting under the presence of Sora’s parents! Leeteuk became restless and blushed when he came close to Sora by holding her waist and posing for a forehead kiss ~ Leeteuk and Sora have meal together with parents-in-law after taking the wedding photos. When reticent(?) Sora’s secret to get pocket money and her other past issues are revealed ~ Unlike Sora who is sweating, Leeteuk looks intimate with parents-in-law ~ The party of four came to have duck soup which is good to health! In the middle of the conversation, they looked at Sora’s childhood photos ~ What was the past identification which makes Leeteuk turned into a jealous man? Here came the soup full of mother-in-law’s affection and father-in-law’s raspberry wine ~ Father-in-law suggested to have a round of arm-wrestling with Teuk the son-in-law ~ What is the result of the match between the 90 kg healthy father-in-law vs slim-body idol Leeteuk? After the meal, Sora and her mother went for the dessert! The son-in-law was left alone with father-in-law in the room ~ What would it look like? To commemorate(?) having a singer son-in-law, the four moved to a karaoke! Teuk and father-in-law started the singing contest, and the scores would be ~ What was the result between father-in-law’s special song vs Teuk’s song specially selected for the parents? It's tomorrow, Don't forget to see na ^^ Source: MBC Translated by: Hanyi Cr : VinniE
Teuk was so nervous in front of Sora's parents!! so cute though! :)
soo sweet