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I haven't been on here long but anyone who has followed me here from my blog (or elsewhere!) will know that I'm very serious about passport borders on obsession... You can then, of course, understand my disappointment after visiting the US as an adult for the first time (I visited once aged five) and completing immigration at JFK airport when I looked at my passport and saw this. Just under a year ago when I was still living in Beijing, my family came out to visit me so a trip to the Great Wall was in order. As my sister and I were running around on the Great Wall, we bumped into some American students and started talking. I became particularly good friends with one of them. A year and lots of letters and emails later, I found myself on a plane bound for New York to visit him! I was ever so excited.... But what? This barely passes as a stamp. New York - I expected better than this.
Well we know what happened to the other one....
I can understand why you'd be disappointed!! I'm really surprised they didn't stamp your passport when you left!
@sailingperson ooooooohh hahahah gotcha ;)
@funkystar25 Something about Cameron...maybe...but I don't understand my comment haha
@Sailingperson ...the other one? ^^