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All the drama between celebrity couples makes us wonder how famous people find love. Well, some of them find it just like the rest of the world does, by marrying normal people. Here’s a list of celebrities who married “normal” people, normal meaning far less famous. Aaron Paul Pinkman is recently married. “I do, b!&#*.” Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul met his now wife, Lauren Parsekian, at a music festival and was engaged to her in January 2012. Last year they tied the knot. Matt Damon Matt Damon met his wife, Luciana Barroso, at a bar in 2003 and married her in 2005. They now have four daughters together. Jerry Seinfeld Jerry and his wife, Jessica, met in 1999 at the gym. She was married at the time but quickly left her first husband for him. They’ve been married since then. Elizabeth Banks On the first day of class while attending University of Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Banks met her current husband, Max Handelman, a producer. To show her dedication she adopted Judaism, his religion. Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway married Adam Shulman, her longtime boyfriend and jewelry designer. That stud probably even designed her engagement ring. Vince Vaughn After his falling out with Jennifer Aniston, Vaughn met Canadian real estate agent, Kyla Webber. The two are now married and have a child together.
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