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I commute to work and even in the holidays, I'm constantly travelling so I'm a big fan of small, light books that I can slip in my bag and study with on-the-go. This book is a perfect example of my ideal on-the-go book. While this book isn't particularly geared towards the TOPIK exams (old or new), I still think it's awesome. Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of the Sogang textbooks (too many pictures that take up too much space) but these little books, which are meant to function as vocabulary and grammar references for the textbooks, are basically just condensed versions of the original textbooks. No pictures and no wasted space – just clear grammar explanations and a selection of useful, intermediate to advanced level vocabulary on a number of topics including Korean history, literature and social customs to name a few. Coming in at 7,000won, they’re also really cheap!
this looks really good - can you get this book outside of Korea?
@traveller I know you can definitely get the bigger, full sized textbooks outside of Korea (most big cities will stock them in foreign language bookshops) or you can definitely buy them online - I'm not sure about these smaller books though...