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The What, Why & How Of Oriental Rugs

What is an Oriental rug?

This question is seemingly straightforward, wouldn't you say? We could think that any that makes us think of "One Thousand and One Nights" must be an oriental rug. Bright and stunning colours, patterns straight from the Middle East must qualify as an oriental rug, right? Not necessarily.

An authentic oriental rug is a handwoven masterpiece created in the "Rug Belt", a geographic area that stretches from Morocco across North Africa, the Middle East into the Indian Subcontinent, and the Far East and China.

Historically, nomads used these stunning rugs to decorate homes, religious places, camels, keep people warm, serve as a bed, and transport costly goods.
Now, the rugs are famous around the globe for their beauty and are considered pieces of art.

Owning an oriental rug is a synonym for holding a stunning, handcrafted natural product, considered a woven gem in your interior, adding a luxurious look and feel to your floor.

If you need to talk to an oriental rug expert, contact Oriental Rug Care of Australia, they will happily answer any questions you might have!

Why are Oriental rugs so expensive?

Ever thought about getting an oriental rug and wondered why they are that expensive? Sure, they are handmade pieces of art designed and created by true craftsmen. But there is more to it than many hours of labour.

Size and detail
It makes sense; the bigger the rug, the more knots it takes to make it, the more it costs. And not only size matters, but the design also does too. Some rugs have a simple design in three to four colours, but many have intricate patterns and different colours and shades. These details mean more labour intensive, expensive rugs.

Oriental rugs are handmade thus require many hours of labour compared to a machine woven rug. On the other hand, a high knot density, or knots per centimetre, guarantees a robust rug, and stronger rugs are very durable, increasing the price.

Artisans use only natural materials such as sheep's wool, cotton and even silk. Weaving machines can't use these materials; machine woven rugs use synthetic fabrics like polyester and viscose. Machine-made rugs are easier to make and can look amazing, but they are not nearly as strong as handmade ones and don't last as long as their handwoven cousins.

History and heirloom
Oriental rugs are often more than just a rug. Many carpets show a story reflected in all the symbolism and detail the rugs contain. Museums around the world feature oriental rugs for their meaning and history. If you own an oriental rug, it becomes part of your family history and can be passed on to future generations.
So, is an oriental rug really that expensive? For anyone appreciating its beauty, craftsmanship and quality, it probably isn't.

How can you tell if an Oriental rug is authentic?

It's time to take out our magnifying glass to find out exactly how authentic your oriental rug is. The following details will help you determine the quality of your carpet.

You can recognise a handwoven oriental rug by the imperfections: because of the vast number of hours in creating an oriental carpet, some "mistakes" inevitably sneak into the design. You will find it easy to recognise an authentic carpet when it contains straight horizontal or vertical lines. These lines are never perfectly straight. An imperfect rug can be pretty perfect as well.

Experts quickly recognise an oriental rug in the asymmetric details the hand-knotted carpets contain. By examining the pattern, you might find that one flower is ever so slightly different from the others in the design. This small detail sets them apart from machine-made rugs, where all flowers look the same. Within a collection of oriental rugs, you will never find two that are precisely the same.

Can you see the knots?
Considering your hand-knotted oriental rug consists predominantly of knots, it should be easy to spot them. Where can you find them? Fold back a part of your rug to the point you can see deep into the carpet pile. You will easily be able to find the knots in your carpet. There is no reason to panic if you can't find the knots; you might very well own a flat-woven rug or kilim.
Let's focus on the edges and fringes
Next in our investigation are the edges. An essential part of a hand-knotted rug is the fringes. Two warp threads are knotted together, creating these fringes. They are on the shorter sides of your carpet and hold all knots in place. In machine woven rugs, you will find the fringe is attached afterwards; they are not a fundamental part of the rug. Moving to the longest sides of your carpet, you will notice that an authentic oriental rug does not have any stitching to hold things together; however, machine-made carpets have a fine stitch along the end.

Which materials were used?
Oriental rugs are made of all-natural materials such as wool, cotton and silk. If you detect synthetic yarn, then be sure you have a machine woven product.
Following some or all of these steps, you should feel comfortable detecting an authentic oriental rug. And remember, if your carpet isn't handwoven, there is no reason to feel disappointed. You most probably fell in love with the design, and the rug can look stunning in any home.

How to clean an oriental rug?

There is a wide range of oriental rugs; different types and sizes require another way of maintenance. So, where do we start?

The material
It is essential you know what materials your oriental rug is made of; depending on the material, you can do lots of the cleaning yourself, or you need a professional rug cleaning service.

Wool: If your rug only contains wool, you can get to work yourself; the colours in the rug will not run. The dyes can penetrate deep into the fibres of the wool carpet. You might want to consider the size of the carpet. It's a lot more complicated to clean an oriental rug evenly when it has large dimensions. In that case, it is easier to call in a rug cleaning expert.

Silk: Many rugs are entirely made of silk or contain some silk. You could try to give them a clean yourself but be prepared for the worse. Silk doesn't accept dyes well, the colours quickly run, and your rug might very well end up in the rubbish. So, there is only one ground rule: does your carpet contain silk? Call in the professionals.

Where to start?
Now you know your rug only contains wool; you can get started. But how? Cleaning an oriental carpet sounds like a big job, and it is!
First of all, be careful with the water temperature. Similarly to clothes, washing them at a high temperature can be a bad idea. Mixing coloured and white clothing will make colours run and mix. Likewise, your rug contains different colours, and washing them with too hot water will make colours run. So, be extra cautious about your water temperature.
The best product to clean your oriental rug is … shampoo. Think about it; wool is the hair of an animal, and shampoo is made to wash our hair. You can get a long way with some water and shampoo. But if you are a little wary about this method, you can also buy rug shampoo. Just be sure to check the shampoo is for your wool oriental rug.
Regardless of what shampoo you use, the method is the same:
1. Add about one tablespoon of shampoo to a litre of water. Mix well until you start seeing bubbles at the top.
2. Use a damp cloth or clean sponge to pick up the foam and smear it on the spot that needs cleaning. Be careful not to add too much water to the stain; colour could run. Instead, rub it in carefully and only go over the area four times. Why? The fibres in your rug could get damaged if rubbing too rough or too much.
3. Wipe the area with a damp cloth and let dry. Your rug will look new in no time.

Have you heard of the snow method?
Many people have been told to put their rug upside down in the snow. Apart from it seeming very unlikely you will take your rug out on a trip for cleaning from the Northern Beaches to the Blue Mountains, the snow on Australia's peaks isn't dry enough for it to work. And the snow method won't give you a spotless rug either.
If cleaning your oriental rug seems like a daunting task, do not worry; there are professional rug cleaning services in your area, specialised in oriental rugs.

When to call in a professional rug cleaning service?

Is your carpet big, does it contain silk, is it vintage or antique? Then you need the help of an oriental rug cleaning professional.

Companies specialised in oriental rug cleaning have the know-how and means to tackle the job.

If you in the Sydney area, you might have heard of Oriental Rug Care Australia. They are a well-respected company with long-time expertise.
Oriental Rug Care Australia
You can find the company in Marrickville. There is no need to bring in your rug, though; they happily provide a free pick-up and drop-off in Sutherland Shire, the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, North Shore, and Northern Beaches.
You can rely on them for a safe and highly professional rug clean, maintenance and repair service. Oriental Rug Care has specialised machinery to give your oriental rug a deep clean and keep it perfect. Your carpet will be dropped off at home, feeling, smelling and looking like new.

Contact Oriental Rug Care for a free quote. Then, your oriental rug will be in the best hands.

Oriental Rug Care of Australia
Address: 23 Shepherd St, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone: (02) 9018 1510
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Home Gutter Maintenance
Cleaning gutters can be a daunting and dreaded task, but as we'll see in this article, it's a must! So read on to know more: How do I know if gutters need cleaning? Maybe the easiest way to see if your gutters need cleaning, without going up onto the roof, of course, is by looking up on a rainy day! If you see that the rain is flowing from anywhere except the drainpipe. If so, gutter cleaning is needed. But let's look at the other telltale signs: 1. Gutter sagging: You need to clean your gutters, so they don't clog with leaves and other dirt. Once they are blocked, the water can no longer flow away. So for every litre of water stuck in the gutter, 1 kilo is added. On long gutters, that, plus other debris, can sum up to a lot of weight! That extra weight causes extra stress, which can eventually break the guttering and cause it to sag. 2. Stained walls: After a rainy day, if you see streaks of dirt or unusual stains under your gutters, then chances are that the water is running over, bringing dirt along with it, as it has nowhere else to go. 3. Larger than usual puddles: The whole point of gutters is to take the water away from your house. If you see big puddles around your home, it could be a sign that the gutters are no longer taking that water away! 4. Birds and other animals: What do birds use to make their nests? Twigs? Leaves? Exactly, and a dirty gutter is full of both of them! So if you see a lot of birds coming and going from your gutters, especially around nesting season, you can be assured that your gutters need cleaning! What about other animals? They might not make the same nests, but many rodents will love to bunk down in a leaf bed! And what do rodents attract? Snakes, another good reason to clean your gutters! 5. Roof garden: If you see that flowers and other plants are sprouting from your roof guttering, the chances are that it's time for a clean! Why? Rotten leaves and other natural debris like dust make good makeshift compost. Compost and water = the perfect environment for your new roof garden! How often should gutters be cleaned? This is a more difficult question to answer. What if I asked you how long is a piece of string? (Twice as long as half its length, but that's for a more philosophical article!) Generally speaking, gutters need to be cleaned twice a year, but certain factors, like if you have overhanging trees, will mean you need to clean your gutters a lot more often! What happens if you don't clean your gutters? It might seem like a trivial matter, but if left uncleaned, it can cause significant problems! 1. It can cause foundation damage. In addition, heavy rains falling on the same stop will soften the soil and even erode the soil surrounding your foundations. This will cause cracks to appear. In the colder areas where it freezes, those cracks can fill with water, which will cause much more problems! 2. Trapped water + wooden building are a recipe for disaster! The dampness can cause the wood to root, weakening the structure. It can also allow rodents and other vermin to enter your house. 3. Creepy crawlies. The same rotten, humid debris that can make you a not so lovely roof garden can also attract all kinds of insects. Of course, if the weather changes for the worse, they'll look for a dry place to hide out, which will probably be inside your house! But that's the least of your insect worries! Insects like termites and carpenter ants are also are attracted to the rotten leaves, and once they've finished the starter, they will probably move on to the main course, your lovely wooden walls, windows, etc. 4. Roof and basement leaks. The excess water has to go somewhere, and that might be your roof space or even your basement! But, of course, this can cause more problems: rotten roof timbers, black mould, water damage, flooding, short circuits and so forth. How to clean your gutters? First of all, you should know that gutter cleaning can be a dangerous task! For example, did you know that 4.5 Australians die every year in ladder-related accidents? And many more are seriously injured! So make sure your ladder is safely placed. If you want to read more about height safety systems, take a look at my other article: Beginners guide to height safety systems or, better yet, talk to a professional about ladder brackets. Now I've warned you about being safe, let's get back to the subject at hand, gutter cleaning: 1. Wear the right clothes! Gutter cleaning is a dirty job! So it's best to wear a long-sleeved shirt, work trousers, and of course, gloves! You don't know what you're going to find up there. 2. You must also make sure that the ladder won't be leaning on the gutter, which could cause it to crack or push it out of place. And as we said before, make sure your ladder is safe and won't slip while you're working. 3. Slowly but surely, remove all debris from the gutter. Be careful not to use anything that might damage the gutter as you're cleaning it. You can buy specialised tools, but you can use an old rubber spatula from the kitchen. • TIP: You might want to place something on the floor below where you will be working, making cleaning up more straightforward once you've clean the gutters. 4. Once all the solid and semi-solid material has been removed, rinse the gutters with water, preferably using a hosepipe. Doing this will also help you find any leaks. 5. Does anything need repairing? Sagging or loose gutters? Leaks? Maybe water damage in the roof itself? 6. Once everything is in tiptop working order, you'll need to clean all the mess you will have made on the floor below. Is it better to call a professional? Now that you've read the dangers and steps needed to clean your gutters, you probably know the answer to this question. There are multiple factors you need to think about before making a decision. First, do you feel up to the job? Second, do you have the right tools? A long enough ladder? Before you decide, why not ask for a free quote? Once you hear the price, you might decide that the DIY path is not worth the trouble! If you're in the area of Sydney, why not go directly to the best gutter cleaner? Sydney Gutter Clean has more than 20 years of experience with thousands of satisfied clients. Not only will they clean your gutters, but they will also make sure your gutters are as good as new! And once they've finished, they guarantee to leave no mess! So visit the gutter cleaning Sydney website today! You'll see much more detailed information and can request a free consultation. You won't regret it! Sydney Gutter Clean Address: 287/495 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest NSW 2065 Phone: (02) 8020 5777 Website: