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5 Signs You Need To Visit A Fertility Clinic In Boca Raton

Preparing for a pregnancy can be difficult. If you're ready to have a family but have problems conceiving, it's time to look into your alternatives.
Many people overlook the fact that both men and women are affected by infertility. A man or woman in every partnership has a 50-50 probability of having fertility issues. Here are five reasons why you should seek the advice of a fertility doctor in Miami

1. You've been physically intimate for 12+ months without using birth control and haven't gotten pregnant

The general norm is that it takes a couple five to six months to become pregnant. However, you should contact a fertility specialist if you are under 35 and have engaged in unprotected physical intimacy.

2. You're above 35 years old

The ability to conceive slowly deteriorates as women age.
If you are 35 or older and have been trying to conceive for six months without using birth control, you should consult a fertility doctor.
If you're over 40, you're officially in the high-risk pregnancy group as your chances of miscarriage are higher. Therefore, you should see a reproductive doctor first. 

3. You've had at least three miscarriages

A miscarriage occurs when a pregnancy is lost within 20 weeks of conception.
If you've had two or more miscarriages, you should talk to a fertility doctor in Miami about having your health monitored while you try to conceive. In addition, you should be informed if there is a more significant problem causing these miscarriages.

4. You or your partner have a history of STIs

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), formerly known as sexually transmitted illnesses, are infections carried through sexual contact. They can induce inflammation and infection in both men and women, making it difficult to conceive or copulate.

5. The presence of a long-term medical condition

If you (the female) have a chronic or long-term medical problem, you're probably already acquainted with your care provider/specialist by the many compassionate professionals can first name. It's the same with fertility. We urge that you contact a reproductive specialist if you have any of the following disorders or diseases:

Disorders of the genome
Coronary artery disease
Kidney disease is a condition that affects the kidneys
Thyroid disease

If you have had undergone treatment for cancer or if your mother experienced early menopause, you should contact a professional.

While this process may appear to be overwhelming, there are many compassionate professionals that can assist you. If you identify with any of the following causes, you can find answers to your fertility issues by contacting a specialist in a good fertility clinic in Boca Raton.