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I know that most fans want to get their albums ASAP so they preorder their physical copy. What some people don't know is that the best time to buy albums is actually when your favorite group is starting to hold fansigns! Companies want fans to buy a ton of albums all at the same time so that the album can climb the charts really fast. If you can afford to buy more than one album or can hold out and wait to order your album until the fansign period begins, it will give your group a better chance of getting high on the charts or even winner an award! Even if you aren’t buying for fansigns, because you won't be in Korea to attend them, buying your album online during these times will really help your group's album ranking. You can find out about your favorite group's fansign schedule on fan-run blogs like,, etc^^ Regardless of when you buy, make sure to buy your album from a site that is verified to count on the charts: YesAsia ( Kpoptown ( Kpopmart ( Gmarket (verify in the seller information that it counts towards Hanteo/KChart!) ( Posters If you do want to preorder, you might be able to get a poster along with your album. Most albums are released with a very limited number of posters available with purchase. You may have to pay a slightly higher price for the poster, but it will come to you safely in a tube along with your album :) These do run out, so if you wait to long you won't be able to order the album with the limited edition poster! Individual Member Cards Albums come with one item that is particular for one member, such as a photo card, album insert, or book mark. If you have a particular member that you really want, you can always check on Tumblr for other fans that are selling and trading their albums. Sometimes you can even buy only the photo card instead of the entire album if you already have your own copy! Check the Tumblr tags for your group name or the album name. Googling also helps too! Hope this helps! Remember, if you have any questions for me, leave your Q in the comments or send me a message ;)
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