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It is absolutely, obviously, without any hesitation or question, unequivocally, all about the bike. Anyone who says differently is obviously a nut. In reality, this is a joke, because everyone is always saying "it's all about the rider, not the bike." But seriously, I think we all love a nice looking $10,000 bike! Bike pictured, the 2014 Sworks Venge designed by McLaren.
@TeamWaffles That's the plan. I figure if I get pretty good on a bike this heavy, I'll be that much faster on a new bike!
@wkoetsch Train heavy on that fuji and then, one day, get a super light bike and whoop some ass!
My bike is a free 80s fuji haha excellent condition though :) a bike like this would be much much lighter!
@wkoetsch Sounds like a solid plan to me! That's exactly what I did with my old Peugeot. I still love riding it too!
@caricakes This bike is for the doctors and lawyers of the bicycling world. Regular cyclists are much more frugal and very very picky! Lol
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