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One of the easiest, but sometimes most intimidating ways, to support your bias groups is to join their official Daum fan cafe! In order to join an official fan cafe, you first have to join the website Daum, specifically the Daum cafe area. Here is a step by step process to join Daum; use the images above to help you understand the instructions! +1: Go to this page ( to begin the registration process. Click the button in the red box under the login area. (Image 2). +2: Click the red square to register by email. (Image 3). +3: Fill in the blanks as explained on the image, including an email address and other information. Once finished, click the blue button at the bottom. (Image 4). +4: On the next page, put your name, then your wanted ID, then a password and click the blue button to continue. (Image 5). +5: Registration is complete when you see this image. You can now go back to this page ( and login. (Image 6). And that's it! To join your group's official fan cafe, check out this card (